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Monday, October 6, 2014

Deana: Tuesday Archives HSTs - I was FEATURED!

"Featured, featured featured" (happy dance and happy song).  I awoke this morning to do my linky parties and found that Val had featured me on her Tuesday Linky even before I had a chance to link up.  Yay!  My post was ready last night so she must have seen it then or early this morning.

Today Val  has selected quilting sleeves and half square triangles as the theme for her Tuesday Archive Linky.  I wish I had time to put a tutorial together for the way I do my hanging sleeves, but I don't.  I do have a quilt to show with lots of HSTs.  It is called "Star Crazy" by Sue Garman.

I joined an online quilt group in 2010 to be encouraged by others as we made this quilt.  I named mine "Granny Went Star Crazy".  I used fabrics that reminded me of an old granny style.  Also, I think my grandmother whom I love and who is still alive, might be a little crazy, so the name just worked for me.  I love this quilt but have still not quilted it yet.  It was on the list to complete this year but I decided to start and finish quilts for my girls instead...perhaps next year (sigh).

Note all of the HSTs in the borders as well as the stars.

Below is a photo of what the "Star Crazy" quilt is supposed to look like.  I used my stash which did not happen to have white in it at the time.  My sister-in-law, Felicity, made this one.  Isn't it beautiful?  I quilted it for her.

You can check out the other Star Crazy quilts at this link.  Nedra at the Cactus Needle hosted the group.

I also have two more "oldies" to show with a gazillion HSTs in them. 

This one was made from a bag of scraps someone gave me when I first began to piece quilts.  I love it and I love scrappy!

 I won this quilt top at Utah's Annual Meeting years ago.  It is an "orphan quilt" made at "orphan night".  Everyone donates their orphan blocks, they sort them by color, and you gather in small groups to stay up all night and complete a quilt top with the orphans.  You get your name in the drawing for every block you donate.  The funny thing is that I donated all of the hour glass blocks shown in the three rows.  I never expected to get them back from winning the quilt they were made into.

Linkies today include:

 Sew Cute Tuesday - her theme today is "warm colors".  I think my Star Crazy and orphan quilt both fit the theme.


  1. Wowsa!!!! You do have a gazillion HST triangles here! Your quilts are beautiful and are the highlight of this week's Tuesday Archives!! Whoot Woo! Grab yourself a highlight button when ya stop by!

  2. Yay Deana!! Love all of these quilts. I need to go digging and see if I have any pictures of quilts that I can use to link up with Val too. I love HST's.

  3. these are all lovely..I like your quilting in the second one and the warm colors, so perfect for fall, in your top that you'll quilt down the line.

  4. Congrats! And well deserved...your quilts are absolutely beautiful!

  5. My sister would love your star crazy quilt. It is so her colors. Time to get that one quilted so it can be loved.

  6. Saw your quilt on Freshly Pieced. I love your version compared to the original. I like the complexity of yours and the way you layered your colors. Just beautiful!

  7. Gotta love the HSTs :) Your quilts are beautiful! Congrates on being featured over at Val's!

  8. Love the pink/red hst quilt - what a fab pattern :) Your quilting on your sister in law's quilt is lovely too!

  9. I agree with Val's choice, Deana! And I'm happy for you. :-)

  10. You DID beat me to my own party!! LOL!! I got too wrapped up in Dancing With Stars the night before and this is marathon parent teacher conferences at school this week for me....but hey, I got the chance to revisit and enjoy your work again!

  11. They're all great but the orphan block top is the best--amazing that so many donations could come into a cohesive pattern Wow!

  12. Deana, I love every single one of them, but especially the first one you made scrappy with pinks and golds!


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