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Friday, July 11, 2014

Deana: Swap Questions?

I have had some questions about how the Mystery Row Swap (see more details at this link)  part will work, so I thought I would address it in this post.  I will update the same information to the original swap post.

Here is how the swap will work:

As quilters post their completed blocks I will number each block in the order they are blogged.  So when it is time to  decide which blocks go to Jane Doe, and if Jane made 3 blocks, I will draw out three numbers to determine which ones she gets.  If Deana made 6 blocks I will draw the next 6 numbers for her.  Basically, it will be random.  I will doctor up the randomness if needed such as:

  • If you choose to make three identical swap blocks in the same fabrics, I will have you send them to three different people so one person will not have identical blocks in a row.  It is faster and easier to strip sew identical blocks so I anticipate most swappers will do this.
  • If you choose to make three blocks that are not identical in fabric then I may have you send them to only one/maybe 2 people ,as needed, to save on postage.
Basically, you could get some blocks from the same person but most likely you will receive blocks from different people.  On the first of each month I will determine as randomly as possible where each block is sent and email everyone a list with addresses.

On the first of the month I will blog about a "maximum" number of blocks you can make.  It will probably be the number of blocks in the row (likely not more then 8).   

Participants will be required to use high quality fabric (no Walmart)  and to match the color scheme.  You can tell the quality by how good it feels and by the price.  Most good quality fabric is around $10 a yard.  I hope participants will purchase enough fabric so they can put bits of the same fabric in each row to blend it all together. 

I hope this post has provided you with some clarification.


Jo said...

Ok. I think I would like to join in this swap.
Lucky you. Our fabric is about $20-$25 per metre. Yes we can get some for $15 if it's on sale or we are really lucky...

dq said...

Wonderful to have you Jo! I will keep you updated as things progress.