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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Deana: Secret Round Robins Revealed

Last year my sisters (I count my sisters-in-law as sisters) and mom all participated in a family mystery round robin.  We drew names and had to plan/organize a quilt for the person whose name we drew.  Mom gave us all fabric for Christmas so we started with that and had to add to it to have enough for a queen sized quilt.  It was really very fun but hard not to accidentally reveal who we had.  We completely kitted the quilts for 6 months worth of packets and then passed them around each month.  It was very fun.

This weekend at our family reunion we all brought the quilts to give to their owners.  It was fun trying to guess who designed the quilt.  They were all so beautiful!

Here were the results.  The quilt owner will still have do at least one row and borders to complete their project!

This quilt was planned/organized by Becky and belongs to Jodi.  I was completely shocked when I got this round robin because I had seen the fabrics before the quilt was started.  The fabrics started with all chevrons and was challenging to make a plan for.  Becky added some non chevron fabrics and the red.  That red completely changed everything.  I absolutely love this quilt!  It is very fun and beautiful.

The windmill quilt below was created for Becky and planned/organized by me.  Below are the three blocks I made for the quilt.  I lay them next to a quilt of my moms to test out border ideas.  I did use this border when I made my own windmill quilts, but I did not for Becky's.

The photo below shows the border pieces as I intended them to be used (but Becky can do what she wants with them).  Each kit had border pieces to strip sew and cut with different fabrics and colors from the quilt.  You can see the three blocks I made along with my sample block of how to pin the circle in as well as the bagged kits for each month.

Becky will need to finish one block and make 4 to finish her quilt as well as put the borders together.
 The quilt below was planned/organized by Tracy and given to Felicity.  It is absolutely beautiful and looks challenging but was very simple to sew up.  I love it!  Felicity wanted a throw size and loves stars, so that is what she got.  Beautiful!
 Felicity planned/organized this quilt for Mom.  This quilt has an interesting story.  Remember that we all started with the fabric mom bought each of us for Christmas.  Well, she bought two kits in reds and tans but did not like several of the fabric pieces so she pulled them out and traded them for ones she favored from the similar kit.  She gave all the "favorite" ones to me for Christmas but kept all the ones she did not care for for herself.  Well, all those fabrics she didn't really like were given to Felicity to plan a quilt for her.  Funny thing, mom does not even care much for reds and all her fabric was red and tan.  Well, Felicity knew that so she traded some of the reds out for yellows, greens, and browns and ended up with this lovely quilt!  Everyone just raved about the background fabric.
 Mom not only planned and organized this quilt for Tracy but she designed it herself.

Mom got the pattern idea from the border on the quilt below.  All of us fell in love with the design right away.  It is so stunning!


The last  quilt shown is MINE!!!  Yay!!!   I was completely shocked at what Jodi did with my lovely red and tan fabrics.  When I got my Christmas fabrics I immediately went to my stash and found some greens and a backing that went with it.  I sent them to Jodi too.  It is SO BEAUTIFUL!!  I LOVE IT!  I plan to give it to my daughter, Jolynn for when she gets married some day.  My other daughter Jessi said she is a little jealous.  She loves it too!  No worries, Jessi has some beautiful quilts too.

We try to keep the patterns and monthly amount of work to simple -- sewing someone can easily complete within a couple of hours.  They all sew up so fast because all the pieces are pre-cut.


Marie said...

What a great idea and fun project! You and your family are awesome, and every quilt is creative and beautiful!

dq said...

Thanks Marie! You should have seen the smiles on all our faces last week end. It keeps us doing something together.

May Britt said...

This was so fun to read. What a great family you have :) Beautiful quilts !!