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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Deana: Last week's progress

It does not look like I accomplished much last week from these pictures because I spent most of my time finishing Mom's quilt, sewing a round robin that is a secret so I can't show it, and quilting another quilt.

I finished 4 Dear Jane blocks.

G12 is called Gloriae.  It took me 2 hours and ten minutes and has 39 pieces.  It is applique and paper piecing.

G11 is called Molly's Muffins, has 14 pieces, is applique and paper pieced, and took me an hour and 6 minutes.

H1 is called Peek-a-boo.  It took me 37 minutes and is all paper pieced.  It has 20 pieces.

H2 is called Jacob Anthony.  It took me 30 minutes, has 22 pieces, and is all paper pieced.  This little block did not turn out as I had hoped.  I like it, but I intended to put some purple pieces in it and forgot.  Oh well.  I think it will look ok in the purple/pink section of the quilt anyway. 

I hope to soon have another row sewn onto the quilt to show you.  I just completed row G, so I am moving along nicely.

Below is a picture of some Windmill blocks I am making for my other daughter's windmill quilt.  I hope to have at least five completed by the end of today along with some other sewing projects.


Marie said...

I would say you accomplished a lot. As usual, your blocks are perfect.

Chelsea Huckins said...

I love that little green star block! Looks so complicated. I can't wait to see this one all done :)