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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ann: My latest quilts

I finished this quilt about a month ago.  A friend made two blocks for me, and I created the rest of the quilt around those two blocks.  Can you tell which ones she made?
I named it, "A Wonderful World."  The top row is night time.  The rest of the rows are summer, fall, winter, and spring.  Each row has two trees, a house, and a landscape with a vehicle in it.  You can't see the border in this shot, so I'm adding another shot that shows the border.

Earlier in the year I finished this quilt that I had been working on for some time.  I bought the pattern for it 15 to 20 years ago and never had time to make it until now.  It is called "Hawaiian Sunrise."  I wanted it bigger than the pattern made it, so I just added more black.  When I got it done, I thought it was too much black, so I made the throw pillow to go with it.


  1. Dorine, they are just beautiful!! I love the name of the first one and I really love the design of the second -- beautiful! I need to start watching this blog again.

  2. Dorine, they are beautiful! I really like both of them. The black really makes the design stand out!


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