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Monday, December 27, 2010

Today's projects from Deana

I wanted to post today's goals.  I will try to update you at the end of the day.
First, I want to get all the big flowers appliqued down on Jessi's quilt.  The blue one below is done except for where the petals run across the seam onto the next piece.
The picture below shows my method of applique for this project.  I just cut strips of fabric - between 1 3/4 and 3 inches at random and sewed them back together in 3-4 strips.  I then cut them on a diagnal and sewed them back together. 
I fused 3 layers of freezer paper together (the wax fuses them) to make my templates.  I then fused the waxy side right to the back of my flower petal to hold it in place.  Next, I turned the edges over the freezer paper template by 1) spraying magic sizing into the cap to get it in liquid form, 2) dipping the paint brush in the liquid sizing, 3) brushing the sizing onto the edge of the fabric that needs to be turned, and 4) pressing it as I go.  I use the large iron for the non-tight turns and the smaller one for the tighter areas. 
The last step includes using Elmer's water soluble glue sticks.  I actually glue the petals to the quilt top (tacking it along the outside edges mostly).  It will not stay by simply glueing it, however, you must heat set it with the iron to hold it in place. 

My flowers are all glued on and ready to applique except the large purple one.  I'm using Sulky invisible thread and a buttonhole stitch on the machine.

This technique was taught to me by SHARON SCHAMBER many years ago.  I LOVE it!
Finally, I am anxious to get my trees finished for the block lotto.  I LOVE this month's lotto and really want to win!!  I don't like next month's so much and likely won't participate. I'll take a month off.

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Ann T. said...

It is going to be beautiful. A lot of work, but beautiful!!!