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Sunday, June 20, 2010

This week's progress:

I finished my "Granny Went Star Crazy" blocks for the month of June along with the required half square triangles.

This shows how the quilt center is turning out.  This project should be completed in December.
I also added thirteen blocks to Dear Jane.  I am now starting row 3 and am really one block behind my week's goal.
B-3 Mirror Image:  This one is the orange and brown one shown in my previous post.  It is entirely curved piecing and took 25 minutes. (8 pieces)

B-4 Chris's Soccor Field:  I paper pieced this simple one.  It took 40 minutes. (21 pieces)

B-5 Hot Cross Buns:  I paper pieced this one also by redesigning the pattern.    It took 30 minutes. (27 pieces)

B-6 Wild Goose Chase:  I like it but wish I'd used a darker yellow so it shows up better.  This one was foundation pieced and took an hour and a half. (41 pieces)

B-7 World Series is a favorite this week.  I redesigned the pattern for paper piecing and hand appliqued the white curves.  It took one hour and 10 minutes. (29 pieces)

B-8 Water Lily:  I also redesigned this one for paper piecing and hand appliqued the four corner leaves.  It took 1 hour. (16 pieces)

B-9 Tinker Toy:  I redesigned this one for paper piecing.  It was easier to make but does not look as good as y-seams would have.  It took me a half hour.  (19 pieces)
B-10 Jud's Trophy took 45 minutes.  The center is a little skiwompus but I really like the colors. (27 pieces)

B-11 Melissa's Cross took an hour and 40 minutes.  I really LOVE this one because the darker blue makes it stand out.  I foundation pieced it and inserted the curved pieces into the seam.  The curves themselves are hand appliqued.  (21 pieces)

B-12 Starflower is hand appliqued.  The center had such tiny curved points that I didn't feel I would do a good job with regular applique so I reverse appliqued it.  It is ok but far from perfect.  It took an hour and 40 minutes. (6 pieces)

B-13 Four Corner Press is so simple but just darling!  I rotary cut and pieced it; it took me 6 minutes. (9 pieces)

C-1 Trooper Green's Badge turned out so cute.  I foundation pieced the center and fussy cut the borders.  It took a half hour.  (13 pieces)

C-2 Streak of Lightening took 45 min.  I redesigned the larger diamond areas for easier paper piecing by changing the angle to match the others.  I think it made it easier to piece and has little change in the look.  (19 pieces)

Total time this week:  11 hours & 11 minutes; 256 pieces

Total Dear Jane time: 22 hours & 31 min; 586 pieces

I finally got Dorinda on the frames hand quilted half a row.  If you zoom in you can see the word "center" on the quilt leader to show how far I am.  It took me 7 hours to get this far, but I'm reaching into almost the top "bump" on the vine.  I will still add some rose stems in the blank spaces on both sides of the purple dots and large red flower.

This shows this week's Dear Janes and all of the Omigosh blocks I've made so far.  I am actually two months behind on both of these projects and trying to catch up.  The Dear Jane quilt is on a two year plan while Omigosh is on the one year plan.


Marie said...

Wow, you are amazing. Your work is beautiful, and as I suspected, your hand quilting is perfect. You inspire me to keep going.

Ann T. said...

Lots of hours into all your projects. I love your pattern for the quilting on your Dorinda quilt. It is pretty time consuming, that is for sure. I am tempted to add more to mine, but so far it is only a temptation.