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Monday, June 7, 2010

Dorinda Retreat #2

We had a wonderful, relaxing time at the Dorinda Retreat this year.  Everyone in attendance finished an entire quilt top except for Kristen who completed a couple of purses.
Back row:  Lyn, Becky, Felicity, Ann
Front row:  Deana, Kristin, Marie

Mom, Ann, Marie, and Deana pose with their finished Dorinda quilts.  (Deana and Marie's are not quilted yet).  They are all so the same and yet so different.

Ann finished her Hexagon quilt top.

Becky finished a cute little cowboy quilt top on the first day from fat quarters and started on a darling pastel quilt from a kit.  She would have likely finished it as well if she hadn't needed to go home early for a family emergency.

Felicity completed a quilt top on the first day from a layered cake.  She spent the rest of her time making half square triangles for her Star Crazy project and got this much completed:

Lyn finished her Hexagon quilt top complete with borders.
Below is a picture of it in progress...

Marie also finished her Hexagon quilt top.

Kristen completed two purses and started the applique prep on her Scarecrow quilt (the same one I'm dying to make someday).

I, Deana, also went home with a Hexagon quilt top finished.  I also worked on another one that is very close.

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Ann T. said...

Thanks for posting the pictures. I got all my borders on and will post later today, when I get home.