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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Austin's Graduation Quilt

On Saturday, my girls met at Dora's and we got the quilt tied. Even the granddaughters were involved in the process.
L: Kelsey and I, with Dora in curlers
Below: Same 3, different angle.

L: Kambree
She stayed with it for about 1/2 hour.

R: Jennie, Kambree, Kylie, Dora, and Maclay (he did not make any ties)

Below: Marian and Kelsey
Hayden and Maclay "helping" by dropping things on the floor.
I got it bound today, while the little boys were asleep.
Still have to trim the yarn to the same length, but all the sewing is done.


Marie said...

Great quilt!! Austin will love it for years to come and what fun to have your girls and grandkids helping. Isn't it fun to get a project finished. It won't be long and you'll have another big one completed as well. Can't wait to see you in at our retreat.

Ann T. said...

Yes, it is great to complete projects. I am getting excited to get my Dorinda quilt done.
I am looking forward to the retreat too.

dj said...

I love all the photos! Family and quilts just seem to come together. What great memories!

You must bind pretty fast if you did it during their nap time.