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Sunday, February 28, 2010

More Progress

I made more progress this week. I finished all the sunbursts and applique for my second block as you will see in the picture next to the block I completed last week. Then I cut out all the little pieces that I need to finish my blocks and they are pictured with my paper piecing patterns for the rest of my sunbursts. Would you believe that there are 736 little pieces in the 32 sunbursts that it will take to make my four blocks; so I only have 368 more little pieces to put together and I will have my sunbursts finished. I'm getting much better and faster. My second set look much better than the first. I thought about re-doing that block because I was not satisfied with it, but decided to leave it so that I can see the progression of my abilities.


dj said...

You are so close to having two blocks completed! I CANNOT BELIEVE what we've accomplished lately.

dj said...

Your applique is so close to done. Do you have all the green and yellow done with the reds basted? I hope to have all four blocks done this month.

Marie said...

The little green stems are basted and the green base of the flower are not there yet, but the leaves and yellows are all finished. It should go pretty fast--I hope.