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Thursday, January 28, 2010

My top is done!!!

Well, after 3 weeks in the shop, my laptop is home. I had to take it back twice to get it to connect to the internet.
Here is my completed top. The top border has the 6 generation pictures. To lay out the top on my biggest open spot, I still had to move the recliner back. This is why I don't have room to set up a quilt in my house.
Eliza Adeline Goheen
Dorinda Melissa Moody
Lewis Benjamin Lloyd
Mamie Lloyd
Marian Francetta Winkler
Sarah Ann Monsen

The top border


Marie said...

Wow!! Gorgeous! I love the pictures and names in the border. Great idea!! How did you get the pictures on the fabric. I've never done that before. I like the way you did the sashing in the middle. Congrats on finishing it. It gives me incentive to keep going.

dj said...

So so inspiring!! The photos are WONDERFUL! Anyone who sees the quilt will know immediately that there is special meaning just looking at the front. I'm still going to put mine on the back, but I LOVE your idea!

I've been working on mine at least once a week again. My 4th border finish goal is Feb 15th.

Ann T. said...

The pictures are printed on a paper backed fabric called Printed Treasures. It is an Inkjet fabric. I got them from Helen, Jennie's mother-in-law. I set it up in MS Word, and printed them off, then cut the ovals from one of my scrapbooking templates. Then I appliqued them onto the flowers. I am glad that I did the flowers as 1 piece. I don't think they would have worked on the 3 piece flowers you all did.
It took 1 sheet for the pictures and one for the names, plus on the back I will put a short description of the project.