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Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Snowman wall hanging quilt

I figured that the picture had to be rotated on the memory stick to get it to show up in the correct alignment.
My Dorinda quilt border is ready for the pictures to be added. Hopefully I will be able to get to that this week. Dorine has offered to help me quilt it. I don't have enough room to put up frames here, so plan to go to Blanding to do that. Right now they have too much snow for me to even thnk about going.


Marie said...

Cute quilt. I like it.

Congrats on finishing your other border. I'm so far behind, but hope to have some time now to work on mine.

How nice to have help quilting--and nice that she is close enough that you don't have to travel too far. Have fun!!

We need to set up a time for our Dorinda retreat. Can't wait!!!

Ann T. said...

Yes, we do need to get that going. St. George sometime in the summer?

dj said...

Sounds wonderful! Immediately after school is out works best for me, or a Thur/Fri/ or Sat.

You should stop in and see me on your way to or from Blanding. I'm not too far out of the way...OR I could meet you for lunch in Price.


Ann T. said...

We will all have to work hard this winter to get the quilts done by the end of the school year. Early June will work, if we are ready. Austin graduates on June 13, and so we will head north about the 10th, then the rest of the month is shot with our plans to travel down the Oregon coast and our Monsen family reunion.