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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Advice needed.

Last time I was home I told Mom that I would give anything to have some denim from my Grandpa Bud's old jeans.  His trademark look was new, dark blue 501 jeans (so stiff they could stand up by themselves) that were rolled up at the bottom.  He was so skinny that they seemed to sort of hold him up.  Anyway, she found me these quilt blocks that she salvedged from an old quilt the dog hauled off outside (she was pretty mad at him).  She believes that the fabrics were from some of his shirts and possibly one his suits. 

I treasure these blocks but am not certain how I want to preserve them -- framed, in a new quilt ???  I'd love some of your ideas.


  1. I recently inherited some orphan quilt blocks that my husband's grandmother pieced 50+ years ago and I'm wondering the same thing--how should I preserve them. They are already really old and I don't know if the fabric will hold up if I do too much quilting on them. I need ideas too.

  2. Maybe a shadow box? They have fallen out of fashion, I think. I have not seen one at a craft fair for a long time, but they do keep treasures safe from the elements. Good luck!


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