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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

More finishes and more oldies...

Mom's Dorinda quilt is ready to actually quilt!! What a beautiful project!

I quilted this little winter project for Felicity and delivered it at Thanksgiving.

Here is a photo of the wedding quilt I made for Cody and Becky several years ago. I call it "Squished Pineapple" because it is a pineapple log cabin pattern that is squished.

This is Becky's hexagon quilt she made at our first Evans retreat. It was sitting there without the binding on it yet so I did the machine attaching for her. I spoke to her today and she said it is all but 10" hand completed.



Ann T. said...

Great job. My Dorinda quilt is getting closer. I have 3 flowers and the pictures to do for the final border. (I am doing the iron-on pictures for the 6 flowers across the top.) Can't wait.

Marie said...

I'm impressed that your Mom's quilt is ready to quilt. It is beautiful. What an accomplishment. I can't wait to see it quilted. I'm far from finished, but will continue to keep working on it and hopefully be ready to quilt by the time I get Shanna's quilt off the frames.

The other quilts are beautiful too. Yes, we do love finished projects!

dorine said...

Wow! Those are beautiful! Wish I had had time to get involved when this project started. Now I am retired and could have done it, but I am enjoying my new home and new husband so much that I still keep very busy! I love your comments on my blog. I think of you when we drive by the sign that says Cleveland. Would love a chance to get together and get to know you.