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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fall Retreat - Felicity & Kit

Here is the group that attended our little retreat Wed night - Sunday: Becky, Lyn, Deb W, Deana, Deb B, Jolynn, Jessi, and Felicity. Jodi took the photo.

JUST REMEMBER that this was NOT a beauty trip. We spent little time looking great and lots of time sewing.

Jodi is in this photo. We had a fabulous time and accomplished SO MUCH!
Felicity made witches...
This was the first one she completed.
She also completed a Santa wallhanging. The eyes and mustaches will be added after it is quilted.
Her Buggy Barn witches were done in WONDERFUL COLORS! We were all envious.

Kit joined us on Saturday in the other room doing his leather work. It was great to visit with him.

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