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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sliced Quilt Challenge

This was probably the most challenging and yet, the most fun project I've ever worked on!! I truly want to do it again someday. Even though I linked to this project in an older post, let me recap. Six ladies decided to try our hands at a "sliced quilt". The rules were to find a picture to be recreated as a quilt, blow it up to the actual finished size, slice it into six pieces, and mail them out to each other. We all lived in various parts of the state and were not able to see each other's work until the unveiling.

Bev chose an underwater ocean scene. Sidney - holding the piece - really shined in her ability to paint fabric. I believe she did some beautiful painting mixed with other quilting techniques on every piece. I truly feel like she was the most talented and most inspiring. Sidney did this section of Bev's quilt.

This is my section. Because my slice was rather uneventful, I chose to do it in the storm at sea pattern to show the shadows in the water.

Another slice in Bev's quilt..

and another...
This shows her quilt entirely finished a few months later -- the bottom half only. You can now see where my section fit into the whole picture.

This was the entire quilt -- it is AMAZING!! Good job everyone!

This was my quilt. Sorry it is sideways but I wasn't able to attend the "swap" because I unexpectedly ended up going to Texas to haul cars with Jim. My slice and Loretta's wasn't done at the time of the swap. I have since made Loretta's section for her and have mine left to do. I'll post a more current, upright photo in the future.

These are the official "slice" ladies -- except me ofcourse. Back row is Sandra and DeAnn. Front row is Bev, Loretta, and Sidney.

This is Loretta's quilt. It is to DIE for!!! The section with the china and sugar bowl were done by none other than Amazing Sidney -- again.

Here is some more of Loretta's quilt. This section was done by Sandra. She did a method called "foiling" for the lettering on the book ends. I didn't get Loretta's done nor did she get mine done -- still a WIP.

This was Sidney's quilt. It was a photo of an old gas station. I made the section with the Pepsi logo and the "E R E" letters on the brick wall. I had fun innovating this piece. I took some really "ugly" striped fabric and bleached out some of the color to give it an "old" look. I wish I would have come up with something better on the Pepsi sign. There were letters on it that I could not read from the photo possibly because they were in the inside of the store window and reversed. If you look closely you'll notice that a shadow cuts across the quilt at a diagonal from left to right. It cut right across my bricks. ?To achieve this look, I purchased a brick fabric and bleached out (with q-tips) the lightened side. I painted the yellow letters on the bricks.

This photo shows the far left side of the quilt.

This quilt was DeAnn's. I made the slice on the very left end with the pink. It is hard to tell without the photo, but it is the outside of an old building. I used puff paint on the bottom flowers and made 3-D leaves by fusing fabric to itself and stitching them on with thread work.

This was Sandra's quilt. It is an arch scene from Moab. The missing block is mine -- sorry. I had it all but done and then had to leave unexpectedly for Texas. I mailed it to her when I got back. The saddest part is that I have no photo of it and I had the main arch -- the meat of the picture.


Ann T. said...

WOW. Those are awesome. What a project to take on.

Marie said...

AMAZING! It looks like so much fun, and a lot of work. Maybe we should that some time--after our Dorinda quilts and our New York Beauties...........

dj said...

Mom mentioned to me that she would like to try her hand at it also.

Sandra said...

still loving this project. I need to finish my arch quilt.

Jo said...

These are amazing pieces of work. Very talented ladies and so much thinking outside the box