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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Weekly progress report

I spent quite a bit of time last week finalizing the pattern for my art building. Here is the actual pattern drawn out for paper piecing. I did it by hand because it is faster and easier than on the computer (until I learn how better). I wrote all of the labeling in mirror image so I will be able to read it once it is reversed.

I copied these patterns and cut out the copies with seam allowance around each piece. I didn't draw the seam allowance because I know to just add that with my ruler as I trim it off.

This photo shows more pattern design. Once I got each piece cut out, I taped them onto pages with a whole row of patterns all on one sheet. I photocopied these "row" sheet patterns onto transparency sheets so I could flip the sheets over for a complete reversed image. I then copied the reverse image onto paper for the actual paper pieced pattern.

I completed my second Dorinda block...

...and two witches to go out in the mail for my Halloween swap. The long witch is shown without the finished stitching on it yet. This lady wants to put her on the back of her quilt.

I finished the quilting for Mom's donation quilts.

This was my first of the week (before working on it) photo of Dorinda. The green vine is entirely done on the whole border strip.

This was my end of the week Dorinda progress. It is not much because the purple and blue are just basted on, but progress is progress.


Ann Topham said...

Yay, progress is showing. By the time we leave on Tuesday, I will have all 4 blocks sewn together. Anticipate lots of applique time next week.

Marie said...

Wow, your projects look great. You do such nice work. I love the witches. I can't wait to see the picture of your finished art quilt. That is quite a project. Just making the pattern looks like a lot of work--but really fun.