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Friday, July 24, 2009

Springville Quilt Show

Mom had surgery on her hand Monday and is going crazy because she can't do anything. I went and got her yesterday, and we traveled to the Springville Quilt Show. Here are some photos of ones that interested me. We had a great time together and enjoyed a nice lunch. When we got home we sat and visited out on her deck where life is just peaceful and the scene is beautiful.

This one absolutely intrigues me and I don't know why!

I photographed this one because it has folded triangle inserts that are folded back and stitched down in a cathedral windows technique. I've always intended to do some more designing with folded insert fold backs. This one is so delightful!

I absolutely MUST have a scarecrow making quilt such as this!! I need it before fall 2010 to hang on my wall.

Again, I LOVE houses!

I love this one because it is scrappy -- that's me. It is beautifully done!

This arch quilt was made by Carol Johnson of Nibbley. (At least that's where she used to live). Anyway, I took a quit class from her at Ruby's years ago and was extremely impressed with her methods.

This quilt was displayed in the Corn Wagon. I have always loved houses and want to design a little town quilt sometime, so I photographed these cuties for ideas.


Ann Topham said...

How fun. I have nnever been to that show,but have been told that it is FABULOUS.

dj said...

Ann, you should go because it's so close to your house. It is at the Springville Art Museum and it goes clear through most of August. They are closed on Mondays I believe.