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Friday, June 19, 2009

Thanks Deana for showing us your unfinished projects. Maybe I'll have to do that some time to get me motivated. Actually I think I'm motived, I'm just having a hard time finding the time to work on them.

I love your art quilt idea. I really like the horizontal strips. Post a picture when you get it finished.

I did it again--even though I said I wouldn't--I started another project and haven't finished the others. Yikes, when will I learn, BUT, last year I was on a costume committe for a play that our stake youth did for youth conference and we had such a good time working together that we decided that we wanted to start a sewing group and continue to keep in touch. I had the first meeting at my house and we made a pants pattern to fit us. Then my friend Sheila said she would take the next turn and she decided to do an "I Spy" quilt. If you aren't familiar with the "I Spy" quilt it has several blocks with cute kids designs and you can play "I Spy" with the child. Also, some "I Spy" quilts have 2 of each block so you can play a matching game.

I was in Florida when they met this month, but they picked a square in a square pattern and we are each supposed to do 30 blocks for each quilt that we want to do. Then we get together and swap blocks. I signed up for 3 quilts and bought fabric for 2 yesterday. We are supposed to have the blocks finished by September. They are going to be pretty simple, but oh so cute. I've never seen them sewn up this way. After you cut your squares you draw an X through the middle of the square that will be the outside corners. Then you cut a slit in the middle of it, then sew the outside and inside squares with right sides together all the way around the edge. Then you cut on the X line to the seam line and end up with a square once you trim off the tails. I hope I'm not confusing you too much, but it looks fun and easy. It will be a breeze after those sunbursts in the Dorinda quilt.

I want to post some pictures from our trip and the quilt retreat, but I haven't got time right now. While we were in Florida I did get enough of the corners appliqued for one block of my Dorinda quilt and am anxious to get the block sewn together. I haven't had time to sew because I came back to peas and strawberries that needed to be frozen, and lots of weeds in the garden, not to mention a ton of paper work and laundry. I'm slowly getting caught up.

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  1. Marie,
    When you are sewing those square in a square blocks together, would you take photos of the process and post them. It sounds interesting.


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