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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Art Quilt Swap

I decided a month ago to join my first on-line quilt swap. Details about it can be found on the link in the sidebar called "Another little art quilt swap". Anyway, I like the way she is handling the swap; this is why I chose this one not because it was an art quilt swap. If you show an interest in joining you email her. If you have your little quilt done by July 20th you send her an electronic finished photo. If it is not done you don't. She will post all of the "finished" quilts on her blog. From them (if you finished yours) you select 10 that you like in order of preference. She will use those selections to decide who gets which one and then you are given an address to mail it to.

I don't really know if I'll really get it done or not but I wanted to post my ideas. At least if I don't complete it I can still have my ideas some place I can find them again.

Because art quilts are new to me, I've been studying several art quilts and other works of art online. I'm leaning towards doing some type of convergence quilt as taught by Ricky Tims.

This photo below intrigued me and is the basis for my idea. I traced a general outline and then photo copied that outline.

Next, I cut my outline into vertical strips and placed spacing between the strips to yield the sample below.

Next, I tried the same thing with horizontal strips. This one is really talking to me because it shows more depth making you feel more like you are looking up.

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