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Monday, April 20, 2009

Baby Quilts

This was so sweet that I had to share. These are the quilts I made for Marian's boys when they were born. (I made another one for Dora's Maclay just like Jackson's but bound it in the red/white dots.) (Jackson on the left, Ryan on the right) They have to have them to go to sleep, and they get dragged all over the house in-between. Ryan's is paper pieced. I loved working it up. I got the chicks from a friend and then went on-line and found the rest of the patterns. It was so fun to see what I could find. It is the only paper-piece project I have done, and so am excited for the blocks.
Deana, What fun quilts, both yours and Lyn's, but also the links. I love that Snail. Some day maybe I will do something like that with all my scraps.


Marie said...

ADORABLE--quilts and boys!

dj said...

This photo is so sweet! I looked at your family blog the other day and thought the one with the boys asleep on the floor was so cute! You could tell they finally just gave into sleep wherever they were.