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Friday, March 27, 2009

Wonderful progress!


It is so great to have you back on! To be 1/3 done must feel great -- it looks beautiful! I'm still plugging away, but it'll be close.

No, I didn't make it to Pine Valley -- I want to wait for Mom to go with me so it will be more special.

Quilting is obviously my passion. I've been doing it since before my first child was born and she is 15. I would rather do it than anything else, and that is perhaps why I've done so much. you must realize, though, that I am only finishing up very old quilt tops lately. We are talking an accumulation of a decade of quilts finally getting quilted. I think I have tried every technique that is out there and have taken many many classes - many of which from national teachers. This Dorinda blog helps keep me going because now I have a way of keeping sort of a quilting journal. I have actually been out of the quilting scene for the past fiveish years and am now finding the time to come back to it.

I quilt on-line with all of you "daughters of Dorinda" quilters, sew on Thursdays with a group of old quilting friends (been friends for nearly 10 years), sew with another great friend on Saturdays once or so a month, and sew with my family once a year at a quilt retreat (usually in Altamont). I also do machine quilting for a few friends and a lady in Arizona. I also like to attend the Home Machine Quilt Show once a year if I can get there. This year it is May 7-9 at the South Town Exposition Center. They have a fabulous quilt show, we should all try to go! I also highly recommend the Utah Quilt Guild Annual Meeting every fall. I used to attend every year and taught there three or so years. They always bring in national teachers and several Utah teachers, have a quilt show and vender's mall, and create groups such as round robins. I have many statewide quilting friends as a result of this great organization! I think there is no other organization quilt as large in any other state.

I wish Mom had a better computer because she has accomplished so so much since we began this blog. I hope we can get some of her photos on eventually!

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