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Thursday, March 26, 2009

finishing, finishing, finishing wahoo!

Mom finished her THIRD, did I say THIRD, border of Dorinda!!! She didn't post it, but I wanted a date documented on the blog for her milestone. She finished it sometime in the last week. Mine is about half basted is all.

Here is another oldie I finished binding this morning. Again, I made this 10ish years ago out of the scraps left from a quilt I made for Jodi. Even the white fabrics are all different leftovers from various projects. I quilted it a week or so ago -- just stitch in the ditch. This one belongs to Jessi.

This is a fun one that a couple of you will recognize because you put one of the borders on it. This was an ADD-A-BORDER round robin that went around in 2005. I designed the center curvy flowers, Julie turned it on point, Deb and Loretta made the little pieced border out of leftover blocks, Mom made it UNSQUARE by adding the green vine to the top and bottom, I believe Marie or Becky Evans(set me straight) added the thin green border, Lorna (my wonderful mother-in-law)did the yo-yo leafy vine on pink border, the next green border was either Marie or Becky (the other one), Linda and Thereasa did the four patch squares on point border, Mariella did the purple border, and Pat and Karen made the final pieced border out of leftover blocks.

This is the back. I've been telling Marie that I piece all the leftover fabrics together for the back of my quilts to use them up. This one was overdone, but I didn't have to buy any fabric for the backing. I also generally put any leftover blocks on the back as you can see here.

This is a close up of the quilting.

This just shows the center up closer.

Both of my girls asked if they could have this one -- I guess it's popular in my house. I told them no because it was too special to me because all my quilt friends made it.

When I originally made the center, I made 3 or 4 of them intending to put them all into one quilt. I gave 1 or 2 (can't remember) to Mom. She made baby quilts out of them and hand quilted them. The other is on the back of my quilt.

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