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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Two more oldies

Yeah! I completed two more old quilts. I quilted the Christmas one last week and the other one this week. I just completed the binding on one last night and the other tonight. These were both pieced about 10-12 years ago while I lived in Helper. I was a beginning quilter back then; I've come so far! I should have taken the borders off and redone them properly because one side is a little longer than the other. I decided against this idea though because I wanted the imperfections of a beginner to show. I gave this one to Jolynn because she didn't have any nice quilts from me. Now she has this one and the birdhouse one.

This one is interesting because I made it almost entirely out of a bag of scraps someone gave me. Some of the fabric pieces are pretty old looking; but I love it. I just love scrappy, old looking quilts!

I found two quilt blocks in magazines and made this quilt out of them by alternating them. They are all half square triangles. Such intricate piecing is not really for a beginner, but I think it made up nice anyway.

This is Justin's Christmas quilt. It is log cabin blocks. Lorna, my mother-in-law, had made this pattern into a baby quilt. I fell in love! She was headed up state to buy fabric one day and I gave her some money and told her to get me the Christmas fabric for this quilt. I didn't pick out any of it. I love the quilt and cherish the memory of her picking it out for me.

You will want to click in closer to really see the logs.

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