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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Photos of older quilts.

I call this one "Hexagons in Rotation". This is also a stack-n-wack but it is my design. It is all done with the Super60 ruler by Sara Nephew. This project was our first ever "Annual retreat at Mom's" in 2004. Deb Butler, Loretta Nielsen, Mom, Becky, and I were all there and all completed our tops except borders in a three day block. I finally put borders on and quilted mine in November of 2007. Mom's, Loretta's, and Becky's have been done for a few years now. Deb just bordered hers two weeks ago and left it at my house to quilt.

This is the second quilt I have made of this pattern. The first one isn't all the way quilted yet. Deb has made four of them that I recall and Loretta two. It is fun, easy, and fast.

This is a miniature mariner's compass. I love it! I took this class as one of my first paper piecing experiences. The class was taught my very first year at Annual Meeting back in the 1990s. Hazel McMullin, an elderly friend and fellow quilter, suggested I put piping around them and showed me how. Because I was new at pieced borders, I couldn't get it to fit right back in the 90s and put it aside. I finally finished it in March of 2008.

This chubby little santa wallhanging was made for me this Christmas by my good friend, Linda Johnson. Marie, she came to your house in 2005 for the pumpkin quilt if you recall. Anyway, my little group of friends exchanges a wallhanging every Christmas. I love it!

This autumn quilt was made from a class I took at Annual Meeting in St. George. The book it is in is called "Bent Pieces" (I don't recall the author) and taught by Kaye Evans. At the time I was so exhausted from teaching classes that I tried to give this class away to some ladies in the restaurant. There were no takers so I went to class very tired. I had so much fun with this project that I was hooked immediately. Deb never lets me forget that I tried to give this class away!

I finally bordered and quilted this number in November of 2007.
My favorite part is the quilting in the border. I machine quilted in pilgrims, turkeys, scarecrows, and leaves.

We first fell in love with this monster quilt in a state round robin that went around several years ago. I think it came out shortly after the time of the movie, Monster's Inc. Deb Butler, Loretta Nielsen, Linda Johnson, and I all decided to make it together and we began at my house on Main Street. Teresa didn't make the quilt but I recall that she selected which fabrics to place where on the little fellas. I finally completed this one in December 2006. It belongs on Justin's bed. He likes to turn the monsters upside down on the bed so they are facing him when he is lying down. My favorite part is the monsters I quilted in the border.

Lacy Daisies is the name I gave this quilt. I designed and taught it at annual meeting in Ogden, Utah several years ago. I just got it back in November from a lady who displayed it in her store in Tremonton. The border displays one of my first trapunto pieces. There is quite a bit of hand embroidery work on this one. Mom made one too.

This is just a simple stack-n-wack out of race car fabric. I completed this one in November, 2007.

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