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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thank you for the photos!

I am literally sitting here at work crying. Realizing that someone thought Dorinda and her son-in-law were special enough people to hang their pictures on the walls of a church and preserve her trunk is an emotional experience for me.

I double clicked on the photos and WAS able to read the plaques when zoomed in. I feel as if I am in the church myself.

I haven't touched my applique for a couple of weeks because I have been debating about the quality of my work. When I meet her someday I don't want her to cuss me out for not doing my best work. I am mostly happy with what I am doing but I know another method which may make my inside curves more precise. It takes longer and cannot be done at ballgames. You use fusible interfacing and sew it (right sides together) with the inside curves (or your entire applique piece). Next, you clip it and turn it. It gives you a crisp edge to applique down and can be temporarily fused. It also reduces fraying. Inside curves just are hard to make look nice without snipping in too close to the seam.

I guess I'd better move onward and quit being so picky.


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