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Thursday, June 22, 2023

More slow summer days of stitching...

Being so relaxed is just wonderful!  One more Celestial Star was made.  I think it is my favorite so far.

Here they are all together.  I plan to make a total of 9, so five more to go.  They really do take a long time.  I love the secondary pattern in the open space created from using two different background fabrics.

Two barns done - check

One church done and another close to done- check

Color My World might actually get finished in the next few weeks.

Everything looks and smells so good after the rain.  Here are some photos of my back yard and our horses leisurely eating their dinner.

The first crop of the neighbor's hay is cut, bailed, and mostly hauled with another crop in the back getting sprinkled.  I love the mountains in the background and the solace of living here.

 I have been reading quite a bit.  Some are book club picks while others are recommendations from friends and family.  These are my 2023 book finishes.
Favorites on this list:  
  • The Moonlight Child by Karen McQuestion
  • Someone Else's Shoes by Jojo Moyes (great book but the F-bom used way too much for my taste)
  • The Selection Series by Kiera Cass (a cross between the bachelor and hunger games)

These are the ones I am currently reading.

"The Life of Elizabeth I" is educational; I am reading it very slowly.

Learning to Love Isaiah:  I am using this as a study companion to help me understand Isaiah better.  It is a very very slow read by nature of the topic.

God Will Prevail - I haven't picked this one up in months.

Goodnight Beautiful - such a cool book!!!  Slow at first, but now I cannot put it down.  This read is very unpredictable.  I nearly didn't listen past the first chapter due to some sexual content.  Nothing that bad occurred since.

I would love for my fellow readers out here to join me on where we can share books we read.


  1. Your Colour my World quilt is amazing, the two newly stitched barns reflect your rural surroundings.
    I love reading about the Tudor dynasty, one of my favourite times in history.

  2. Wonderful post Deana, it is interesting to see your back yard and the horses grazing and the mountains in the distance. Your Celestial Stars are beautiful and Colour My World is stunning. I have the same problem, I do not enjoy repeated use of the F bomb either! What is your Goodreads name? I had a quick look, there are many many Deana's in the US!!!

  3. Another beautiful star and Colour my World is so close to finish. Love the scenery shots from your home, I miss the amazing view we had from our French house. xx

  4. Good idea on the Goodreads idea. I am on but don't use it much. I should change that. What is your goodreads name?
    The quilts are wonderful, of course.

  5. Wow! So much to lookout on your blog. I especially love that circular buildings quilts. How big is it. Will it be a quilt top?

  6. Your Celestial Stars lovely. Loving your "Colour My World" look forward to seeing it complete.
    What a gorgeous back yard and views you have.

  7. I'm mostly reading Christian romances - lots of cowboys, lots of spiritual content, and lots of favorite authors. I did like Cass's series when I read it to write tests for my employer.

    I did a study of Isaiah a couple of years ago and learned so much. Ditto with #dontmissthis with Emily and David last year in the OT. I like their input into my so-literal brain!

    I miss living where there are mountains like that in the backyard. We have mountains, but they are little ones, and covered with trees and kudzu!

  8. Nice projects.... Glad you got some rain back then..... And sounded like you had a good switch off and relax.......


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