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Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Friends Retreat: Show N Tell

Show N Tell is just fun.  We quilters like to see each other's finished projects so we can get all excited about making one ourselves.  Sewing with others always gets me into things I hadn't planned.

Well, one of the classes I didn't take was an adorable machine embroidery pattern called "Me Without You".  So so so cute!  Shirley actually made two of them.

The quotes are just happy, feel good quotes.  Me without out you is like...

A kite that doesn't fly

A bird that doesn't sing

A quilter without thread

A guitar with no strings

A beach with no sand

A disco without music

A flower with no petals

A bee without stripes

A party with no friends

I am so in love with this quilt that I want to make one.  Unfortuneately, I don't have an embroidery machine. Well, no worries because Anji did hers by hand.  I loved it!

Now get ready for some quilts Cheryl showed us in her trunk show.


  1. Wow, beautiiful quilt show! These are beautiful. I love the quote embroidered quilt too, so cute! Amazing quilts, and quilting.

  2. Some lovely quilts. I love to see show and tell and visiting exhibitions, so inspiring.

  3. I love the first two quilts too! Cheryl's quilts are stunning, thanks for sharing.

  4. Love the "Me without you" quilt -what wonderful show & many I'd love to do...

  5. It’s always eye candy here. Those me without you quotes are great and it makes such a cute quilt..

  6. so many gorgeous quilts!

  7. Lovely quilts and me without you it's cute


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