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Friday, July 16, 2021

I Like Thursday #37

Love the mountains and time with family in the mountains.

Here is a photo of me on my orange 4-wheeler with family as well as driving through the mud last week.

Last week's post mentioned that I had run the wood chipper all day in 100 degree temperatures.  Here is a photo my son-in-law took of me working.

Love spending time with Mom.  I helped her work on her quilt this week.  It is moving along nicely.

I was finally able to go up to the cabins, or should I say cabin sights.  It has been nearly a year since they burned down.  The quaking aspen are growing like crazy.  That is one beautiful thing about fire; mother nature tells the aspen to grow quickly after a disaster.  They are three feet high.

It is such a blessing that the pavilion still stands.  It has always been the hang out hub anyway.

Here are the remains of my parents beautiful cabin.  The foundation will have to be dug out.

Here are the remains of my sister's cabin.

To the right of the pavilion was her in-law's cabin.  It is sad to see, but they will rebuild some day.

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  1. Wonderful to have family time together in the mountains. Your Mums quilt block is stunning. Sad to see where the fire has been but good the trees are growing back, hopefully you can still enjoy going there. Working in that hot weather have been exhausting for you.

  2. It is a beautiful spot. So sad about the cabins but hopefully one day you all will find a way to be there together and enjoy those time again. Your Mums quilt is turning out wonderful.

  3. Oh my hubby would love to go riding with you guys through the mud and mountains….
    Such a gorgeous quilt you are working on with Mum…
    So sad to see the destruction the fire has caused. Thankfully you can still visit the pavilion…

  4. good to enjoy family job to do with the mulcher......fires are so destructive but good to see it is coming back........

  5. It’s great that the whole family can enjoy the time together. That fire was really devastating, but seeing the aspens growing so quickly is lifting. I’m sure rebuilding will follow.


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