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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

New BOM quilts I have started

May years ago I was friends with a couple who had a little boy that stole my heart. He is 55 years old now, and is contemplating his 4th marriage. This lady seems more suited to him, so I want to make a quilt for them. His mother was part Cherokee Indian and he identifies with that part of his genealogy. I am making one of the quilts for him. It is callled TAOS and is in turquoise and browns. I have the first two blocks done.

The other quilt is a Christmas theme. This is the first block.
The colors aren't true on either picture. I will have to remember to take them in better light.


  1. That will be a lovely gift. Love the colors!

    How is the little guy doing? I’m sure your days have been crazy busy with the other children. I don’t know how you get anything done.

  2. Beautiful blocks, and a very generous gesture.

  3. Sounds like a good plan to make a quilt, and with all your family stuff happening, I don't know how you still get so much done. Missed you at Chooky's zoom party.

  4. Doesn't it seem wrong when a child is 55 now? LOL My own older child is 52 next month, and I absolutely don't know how he aged so fast. =) The quilt is a beauty. I had a lawyer tell me once that it doesn't matter how often you marry as long as you finally find the right person. I hope he has. Sometimes we have to mature a lot before we do. I was lucky enough to find the right one when I was 20, but there were 15 tumultuous years before I was sure. =) Followed by 27 absolutely wonderful years.

  5. Ann, what is the pattern for your CHristmas quilt? I just love that livery stable SO MUCH!

    I love the story behind your friend. Every quilt has a story just because who and why we make them.


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