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Friday, August 14, 2020

Linkes - Thursday and Friday

Do you find yourself hurrying to get something done to post so you can join in the wonderful linky parties floating around Blogland?  I do.  I didn't do much sewing the past two days, but a little.  Here is why:

My sweetheart and I drove up the canyon last night on our motorcycle to check out some climbing areas we had heard about.  It was just at dark when we were discovering some great spots with chains.  We will have to go back to find where you can hike to the top and hook in ropes.  Anyway, we got home late.  Because I had spent the day preparing my classes for school to start, I had not yet gotten in my 15 Minutes to Stitch.  I scanned my sewing room for an easy and quick sewing fix and settled on Sand Dollar.  I sewed up one little section.  Yes, it will be trimmed once the block all comes together.  That is how Buggy Barn patterns are.

Today I managed to complete one Pink Bow block in my Sweet and Simple Quilt.  I think it is adorable, and it wasn't too bad to sew up.  All the blocks were cut in July.

I also began machine quilting my Trail Mix Quilt.  I just did the outside edge, border, and straight white lines.  I am excited to decide on a fun pattern to go between the lines.

I figured the back could be any color because this quilt is so scrappy.  I found this lovely piece on sale.

Happy Quilting!

I am linking up today with:

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  1. In spite of your outing to the canyon, you've managed to squeeze quite a bit in! Love the fabrics you are using for Sand Dollar - looks like another fun BB quilt, and also such a sweet bow block. Great start to the quilting on Trail Mix. It doesn't seem that long ago that you were starting it but then again, I guess it was a couple of months? Sorry I never got a block made to send to you :-(

  2. WOW for all the tiny piecing on Trail Mix! (An appropriate quilt name for a climber, methinks!) Isn't it great when inspiration comes and you know exactly how to quilt a project? I look forward to seeing what you do. 😊

  3. Y9u did well with a little sewing time 😁 your Sand Dollar blocks look wonderful, the now is very cute and I am looking forward to seeing your Trail Mix quilted. Great to have climbing places nearby.

  4. I have just had a catch up reading all your news. So wonderful to see photos of your grandies. They all look like they are doing well. Your quilting is so amazing. Well done to you. That house you showed was amazing. The design of the beds was interesting. It sure does look like you have fun rock climbing even though you are scared of heights. You have done well with Trail Mix.
    Hopefully catch you tomorrow on Zoom.

  5. Nice things happening there - yes, linkies are a great motivator! xx

  6. Your Trail Mix is looking great, and close to being finished also. That Fabric in the Sand Dollar quilt looks familiar. I think you can do that climbing, not something that I might attempt, but good on you.

  7. For not a lot of stitching time, you got a lot done! The pink bow is so sweet. Hope you get in lots of stitching time this weekend.

  8. And now I am imagining you, whizzing down the highway on the back of the motorcycle, with your scrappy quilt trailing behind you like a flag! My sweetie is not fond of heights, so there will be no climbing for me, I'm afraid. Did I read correctly that YOU have a fear of heights, though? If so, how did you overcome that to be able to enjoy rock climbing? Your projects are all looking quite lovely, especially your paper piecing, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you're planning to quilt between the straight lines on your Trail Mix quilt!

  9. You always accomplish so much. I love that Trail Mix.

  10. Hello from Belgium :) and THANKS a bunch for your so kind message on my (alas, well neglected) blog ! Reading you was a nice surprise, as I haven't got any comment for such a long time, which is quite understandable, because of my lack of posting...
    Thanks for asking about our frand daughter Julia. She's absolutely fine and so cute. Yet you're right : we as well wondered whether she did have the Covid19 ? Who knows ? The doctors say they can't be certain, and anyway - IF so - she's now immune - Thank God ...

    I just discovered your lovely blog, and still haven't visited in detail, but I can see how creative and cheerful you are, and will certainly come back soon !
    Aaah, that Zooom session with Chooky was sooo amazing and pleasant. It was my first time, and I really appreciated...

    We are still very cautious about the Covid19, as there's a strong tendency to a second wave (even stronger than the 1st one, they say !). So we're staying home as much as possiblle (fortunately we are retired now), wearing our mask each timme we have to go out, and keep distancing... Such a strange period we're living !

    Well, thanks again for your visit, I'll be back soon, I promise
    In the meantime,, stay safe my friend, take care, and... ENJOY your sewing !

    In stitches and friendship,
    xoxo Nadine

  11. Your trail mix quilt is GORGEOUS! As are the grand kids! But all I could think of with that Parade house was changing the sheets on those beds. Yikes!

  12. Yes I do, but this week I am on a time crunch with too many secret projects. I guess it wouldn't take much to sew one block to share but I am on a mission. lol. Thank you for linking up to Put your foot down last week.

  13. can't wait to see trail mix finished so glad to see your onto the quilting........


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