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Sunday, August 23, 2020

FNSI - Quilting

 I spent my Friday night machine quilting Trial Mix. I am trying out some rulers I purchased a year ago.  The creative juices with them are slow, and I have picked out some bad stuff.  It also takes a little time to figure out how to position and follow the lines on the ruler for lining things up.

I used this Westalee Spin-E-Fex ruler to make the stars.  I have certainly not perfected it, but it is progress for me.  There is a tiny hole where you can put a thumb tack in to stabilize the ruler.  It works well.

I used the Westalee Circles on Quilts Ruler for the circles and Westalee Mini Zig Zag ruler to make the star points.

The Westalee Simple Circle ruler was used to do the border.  I free handed the center of every other circle having seen it done in a youtube video with Marie.

What did I learn this week?  I learned that I really like free motion quilting because imperfections are less likely to show.  Once I master using rulers, I believe I will really like the accuracy.  The only thing is, accuracy that is not accurate looks bad.

I purchase Westalee Rulers because they come in the normal/thicker ruler size as well as a thinner one.  I need a thinner ruler because my foot's shank is too low to stitch around the back of on a thick ruler.

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  1. I am borrowing my friends Westalee set and It has some of the same rulers. I need to watch more videos!! Great job on the quilting.

  2. I have always wondered about the Westalee rulers. Your quilting designs using these rulers look fabulous. I suppose as with all things, it takes a while to get used to.....and lots of practice.

  3. Your quilting with the rulers looks wonderful, practise makes perfect we are told!

  4. I've watched videos on those rulers but never tried them...YeT.
    Your quilting looks great by the way...xox

  5. Very pretty ruler work! I especially like that first star photo!!! Beautiful quilting. It looks like you're an old pro at those rulers.

  6. Well done with the quilting, won't be long before you are happy, it's probably only you who will notice the imperfections. They say to give it the 6foot test, and if you can't see it from that distance, it doesn't matter!!

  7. You are doing a great job with the rulers. Love the different designs.

  8. Hi Deana. I’ve finally sat down and caught up on reading your blog. You make me tired just reading about all you do. I just love the cattle ranch you visited and your rock climbing sites are stunning. There is no way you’d ever get me abseiling. I take my hat off to you. We haven’t been on the bike lately, as the weather has been bleak most of the time. We had snow on the weekend in our area, but it is forecast to be warm this coming weekend, so fingers crossed we might actually get to go for a ride. What sort of bikes do you have? I love seeing all the pics of your grandies. You are lucky you can spend so much time with them. I hope little man can leave the hospital before too long. Of course I enjoy watching your patchwork progress, especially Trail Mix. The quilting quill really set it off nicely. and the backing fabric will be perfect. Mine will just have an edge to edge completed by one of my friends. Hopefully the start of school went well for you and we can all catch up again before too long in another Zoom get together. It was fun to surprise Chooky by turning up at her birthday party. We haven’t had a chance to catch up for quite a while.

  9. These rulers look really cool - I like the designs that you have made from them!

  10. I have absolutely no idea how these rulers work but I love your curvy stars! Beautiful. xx

  11. so next zoom session you are going to have to show us how you use these rulers........looks great on the quilt you are doing great.......

  12. I think you have done a great job. I am trying to learn myself at the moment and it helped to have a patterned backing it hides some mistakes more easily. Good luck with it all.

  13. Fantastic quilting with the rulers .... your Trail Mix looks great.

  14. That quilting job is beautiful.

  15. The quilting looks really good. Those quilting motifs look really complicated, you did a great job getting up to speed with the rulers.

  16. Deanna it looks wonderful. I have a small top that I want-need to quilt, perhaps I can revisit my plan and do some rulerwork with it as yours looks good.

  17. Wow, I really like the results of the rulers. I haven't done much with the one I have - it really does take time to get it right. I need a couple more. I really loved your first one. I'm sure that you will like the results even more are you get more practice! Thanks so much for linking up to Free Motion Mavericks! Take care.


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