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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

15 Minutes and To Do Tuesday!

 Wowzer!  I have been so busy, but it has not been in the sewing room.  

I also completed a Sweet and Simple Row.  I do love how cute this quilt is, but it is not simple as its name would suggest.  It was a discounted kit I found online.

I got my Sand Dollar Quilt cut out.  There will be a ton of chain piecing.  It should be a simple project once I am ready to sew it.  I wouldn't be making it at all except my friend coerced me into it. I would much prefer to finish older projects right now.

I am sad that my 15 minutes to stitch numbers have dropped because of it.  I was holding strong at 94% for some time and am now at 87%.


I have missed a couple of To Do Tuesdays, but I accomplished everything on my last list!

Last time's goals:

1.  Baste Trail Mix ✔
2. 1 Garden Party block 
3.  1 Sweet & Simple Row 
4. Feathered Goose Middle Sections 
5.  A little bit of machine quilting 
6.  Bind Memory RR  

This week's goals:

1.  Prep my classes for school to start - this is a biggie!
2.  Complete Lantern Row in my Row Along quilt
3.  Complete Bath Row in my Row Along Quilt
4. Machine quilt 5 blocks in my School Kid Barns Quilt
5. Glue baste some Diamond Hill applique'

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  1. Your sweet and simple row is so pretty! I can see how it isn't quite so simple but now that it is done, it is worth the effort, right? I don't understand how your other quilt kept you from getting stitching time. Are you not counting fabric selection and cutting time? I do.

  2. That sweet and simple doesn't look easy to me - not one bit. Even more difficult is the Sand Dollar blocks. Beautiful fabrics - I think you'll be glad you were coerced into it. Yay for lots of checkmarks on last week's list. Thanks for linking up today. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Your Sewed and Simple row is beautiful, and not that simple!! Love your Sand Dollar blocks, they will make a great quilt, hope you are enjoying it despite being coerced into making it. You have lots ticked off your to do list so that is great.

  4. Those pieced red flowers are beautiful! I bought a kit recently because it was on clearance — Looking over the instructions, I don’t think mine will end up being very simple, either. Your Sweet and Simple may not be simple, but it’s certainly sweet!!

  5. Very cute rows, well worth putting up with not simple. Time away from all the day in day out stress is worth the loss of stitching time. You still have a lot of year left to get back into the 90s.

  6. Your new project doesn't seam easy at all but it's lovely.
    Enjoy making your Sand Dollar blocks...
    You always achieve sew much each month. Good luck with the new list.

  7. these are lovely blocks.....goodluck getting back to your 15 mins of sewing......
    i'm going to zoom again this weekend but it's Sunday my time......just about to put up a post.......also I cannot reply to your comments you left sorry about that......

  8. I am in love with your Sweet and Simple Row blocks. Each and every one is filled with pretty whimsy. Oh, how lovely it will look when your quilt is finished!

  9. The sweet and simple rows are lovely even if they are more work.......
    also really like the colours and blocks of the sand dollar quilt......


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