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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Trail mix top done and To Do Tuesday

Last week was beyond horrible!  Our little twin who had bowel surgery the day he was born, and has only been home from the hospital a couple of weeks, had to be life flighted to Primary Children's Hospital due to a kinked and perforated bowel.  The team of amazing doctors performed a second surgery, left him open to decide what was best to do for him, and then performed a third surgery two days later.  He is just under two months old.  My heart bleeds for this little guy, but he is tough.  This photo was taken before the last surgery.

He is off the ventilator now, but his oxygen levels are low.  This little man needs to catch a break.

He is looking better though after almost a week in the hospital.

Our family did get some good news though.  My sister is the proud grandma of this adorable 9 lb 1 oz baby boy!  He was born two days after our little man was life flighted.  Needless to say, it was an emotional week for good and for bad.

I didn't get my goals done, hmm, wonder why?  Now that things have simmered down I did get some things done.

Last week's goals:

1.  Bind Memory Round Robin - X
2.  Some Omigosh Blocks - X
3. 1 Garden Party Row  - X
4.  Assemble Trail Mix Top - ✔
5.  Finish middle sections of Feathered Goose - X
6. Quilt 1/4 of Barnyard - ✔  Quilted and bound Yeehaw!
7.  1 Sweet & Simple Row - X

I loaded it onto the basting frames today!

This week's goals:

1.  Baste Trail Mix
2. 1 Garden Party block
3.  1 Sweet & Simple Row
4. Feathered Goose Middle Sections
5.  A little bit of machine quilting
6.  Bind Memory RR 

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  1. Oh your poor little man, hopefully this last lot of surgery will get him right and he can be home again soon. It will be a worrying time for you all. Lovely to see the new arrival though. Has been an emotional time for you. Your Trail Mix quilt looks fantastic, well done on the finish.

  2. Gee whiz, I don't know why you didn't get the items on your list completed. Oh my goodness. My heart and prayers go out to that sweet little baby and his family. He looks so sweet there, all swaddled up with his pacifier. I just want to pick him up! I hope all his surgeries are behind him. You can see how much he is growing! And another sweetie pie to enjoy as well. Abounding blessings for you I can see. {{Hugs}} Gosh this must be such a hard time. Thanks for linking up - I'll be thinking and praying. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Oh no, poor little guy! He is definitely looking good in the second photo! And so is your trail mix quilt. Love that design!

  4. It still looks like you got a lot done considering your other priorities. It must have been such an emotional upheaval... on the plus side, at least all these surgeries are happening while he wont remember anything about it. And isn't it amazing what modern medicine can achieve??

  5. Best wishes to that little man.

  6. Poor little man! What an odeal to go through at that age and so traumatising for his parents. Sending love and prayers for all. Trail mix looks amazing - great finish on your flimsy. xx

  7. Prayers and congratulations are being sent for the whole family. May time, faith and love help ease the burdens and enjoy the blessings being sent your way.

    Your trail mix quilt is wonderful. Love the idea of simple squares creating such a beautiful finish, great QUILT!

    Also, I just ran across a fabulous idea of "dolls Like Me" implementing details their child hood dads and moms have endured that ease and share their health journeys with. Great inclusion therapy designed for child development and help ease a perhaps difficult journey.

  8. A roller coaster, indeed! Prayers for healing and strength for your tiny little fighter! It is amazing what modern medicine can do!

  9. Prayers for recovery and Praises for new life!! May this week be a bit calmer.

  10. THoughts and prayers for you all in this time, hope things will be on the up and up real soon. Your Trail Mix quilt looks amazing, and so are you with all you manage to achieve in the midst of so much life happenings.

  11. Fingers crossed they your little guy has continued to improve. That's such a hard start for everyone. Trail Mix turned out beautifully, what a great scrap buster. Hope this week has been much calmer.

  12. Prayers of faith and hope for the little fellow.
    Trail Mix is beautiful!

  13. Prayers for the little guy. As you say, he really needs to catch a break and I hope things start going better soon. Meanwhile your Trail Mix is awesome! And to think you also got it on the frame. Kudos to you, and thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  14. So glad that baby is doing better. Prayers for continued healing.


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