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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Cutting, Cutting, Cutting Quilts!

I have been out of town for over a week.  When you don't have your machine, and you want to move your projects along, you improvise.  I brought my rotary cutter, a mat, and lots to cut out.  I cut at a hotel; I cut at my mom's; I cut at my daughter's.  I am tired of cutting!

These little baggies have lots of little pieces in them - literally hours and hours of cutting.

Sweet and Simple = 36 blocks cut out with many tiny pieces

Garden Party Rows = 3 rows cut out for the Row Along in September.

I was able to play with all of my grands except for the twin I have not yet met who is still in the hospital.  

Here is his brother.  He can come home once he can eat without a tube and not throw up so much.

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  1. Wow I feel tired seeing all the cutting you have done! How good though to spend time with your family, the children are so cute. The babies have beautiful eyes! I hope the little one is home soon.

  2. Wow.... all that cutting and preparation done. Your sewing will happen in no time. It's great to see your family all together and photos of the little ones... Have a great day.

  3. All ready to sew those cut pieces together soon..
    Lovely to see all those gorgeous kids and your family.

  4. Having everything cut makes the sewing process so much quicker. I loved seeing all the little ones. Glad you got to spend time with all of them Hope the little twin is able to come home soon.

  5. Lovely to spend time with family, and great photos. You will be so pleased to have all that cutting done when you get to start the projects. The preparation is usually the slowest part.

  6. Awe so cute. Cutting fabric is my least favorite thing about quilting. I hope to be able to make a couple rows for the Garden Party too just at the moment I don't have time. Thank you for linking up to Put your foot down.

  7. Lovely pictures of your grandchildren. Lots of cutting - your machine is going to be on overdrive now sewing them all together! xx

  8. Looks like you had a great time with your grandkids. And put some time in cutting. I do sometimes take my projects along on camping trips with me. I try to work it out somehow.

  9. Such sweet babies! What a time you had visiting them. And so productive too! Sure cutting is boring but as soon as you get home you'll be ready for the fun stuff. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  10. Progress is progress, you'll be glad to have all that cutting behind you. Looks like you and the grands had a great time!


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