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Monday, January 20, 2020

1st Q 2020 FAL List, PHD, 15 min, and To Do Tuesday!

Below is my progress report on a few online groups I participate in.

Yellow corners on a few of my Feathered Goose blocks- Done!  I made three.  This is not the final layout.  

 Finish Black RR blanket stitch applique' - not touched which is sad because this is my One Monthly Goal and my NDC #10.  I will get there.  I just need to get my Bernina out and set my Juki aside.

Cut Alaska - Done!  The deer block is ready to sew.

Finish Buggy Barn Stars - Done!

Clean and organize new quilt cabinet - Done!

Label pantry and sewing room - Done!  My kids gave me organizing bins for my pantry for Christmas.  

I put cute chalkboard labels on my sewing bins.

Bind one side of Periwinkle - Done!

Begin quilting baby grand's truck quilt - Done!  You can see it on top of my newly labeled drawers.

I have a few things I hope to work on this week for To Do Tuesday:

  • Blanket Stitch black blocks
  • Piece Deer Block - Alaska
  • Piece Buggy Barn Cat blocks
  • Bind a little on Periwinkle
  • Make some Feathered Goose sections

I have been working a little on a variety of UFOs this past month.  As I look over my list, I have worked on half of my UFOs in January.  I am pleased with that.  Periwinkle will be finished this month for sure.  Here is my report:

1st Quarter 2020 FAL List

So, I guess this group has moved to Instagram.  I am disappointed at that.  Although I do a little bit of instagram, I do not like picture collages.  I like to see pictures large for my older eyes.  I know you can add multiple photos, but I like to add descriptions right with each photo.  I guess I will adapt.  I may have missed the date because today is January 19th, and I was unclear as to whether it was the last day or the 18th was the last day.  Either way, I still want to post and report on my blog as well.  For me, it is not about the prizes.  It is about finishes.

This group requires complete finishes.  First Quarter 2020 I hope to finish at least three of the following:

Periwinkle - 3 sides left to bind

School Kid Barns - needs quilted and bound

Memory Round Robin - needs quilted and bound

Block Lotto Win - needs quilted and bound

Nash's Trucks

I am linking up with:

Design Wall Monday
Tish's UFO Busting
BOM's Away


  1. You made lots of progress last week. You've got some wonderfully fun and beautiful projects to finish up this year. Good luck!

  2. Wow! Organizing and UFOs and list-making and . . . and you are realizing your ambitions! What really caught my eye were the string-and-New-York-Beauty blocks in the first photo. They look like sunbursts.

  3. Oooh, I love the Memory Round Robin and Block Lotto. You've made a lot of progress!

  4. Your Feathered Goose blocks are just amazing! Are they paper-pieced? I'm really impressed with all of your progress with organizing, too!

  5. You have been very productive. I love the feathered goose blocks, I am attracted to bright strong colours. Kathryn Quilts

  6. Hello! Let me get the thank you for linking up out of the way, or I will certainly forget to say it!! When it is time to link up for quarter two, I will help you post something on IG. It is so easy, you will faint. In fact, I'll try to remember to type up some instructions so you can practice well before the deadline. Now, on to all the fabulous shares in this post. Holy moly - you organized your butt off and it all looks great. I love the labels on your sewing bin! So cute. Those Feathered Goose blocks are coming along and are really gorgeous. Your talent and the number of projects you are juggling amaze me. What an inspiration you are! Here's to another productive week. I LOVE the truck quilt. ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. So many projects that are itching to get finished... but there's a lot of work in some of those goals! Super impressed by both your quilt cupboard (I need one) and your storage cubbies. For those goals that i keep procrastinating on, I amend them to just the exact next step required, so I would amend your goal to "set up the sewing machine with correct needle, thread and cleaned... ready for blanket stitch". Then if you get some sewing done on it, it's a bonus and you can then be super impressed by yourself 😂

  8. I'm not sure I can stand to read about that much organizing! LOL I have never rolled my quilts like that. Maybe I could get more in the pie safe if I tried that! There is such variety in your quilts, no one can ever accuse you of being in a rut. I especially liked the barns and trees quilt, and Nash's trucks turned out so cute! Congratulations on sewing every single sewable day this month! That's great!

  9. You have been busy, well done! But oooh that quilt cabinet! Bea-u-ti-ful! Both the cabinet and all that is in it. I too have started to make the transition to Instagram. Was trying to avoid social media beyond blogging but I'd love to do Amy's Blogger Quilt Fest again and that moved to "The Gram" for the Spring link up so I must adapt!

  10. Wow! Fun scrolling through this post....impressive! Organizing and working on lots of UFOs!!


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