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Friday, July 26, 2019

Ann: 40 Shades of Grey BOM

I am doing a new BOM called 40 Shades of Grey
It comes in a kit every month, So far I have 2 months.
Not sure I will do it this way again. I would rather just have all the material and cut it myself.

These four blocks are called Criss-Cross Blocks
They are 11" blocks. Working with diagonal blocks to the square center takes a bit of coordination, making sure each set is turned the correct direction. Two of the white fabrics have writing on them, so trying to decide if they should be directional or random was a challenge. 

This block is called Pineapple. It is 17" and was a different challenge. I like the way it turned out. 

And this block is called Lightening. It is 19" square and will be the center block  of the quilt.
I misread the cutting instructions and cut one of the sets of squares at 3 1/8 instead of 3 7/8, so I had to do some fussy matching. I think it turned out okay though. This is one reason I would like to have the whole piece of fabric instead of small pieces. I could not just cut new block.

Next month will be Log Cabin variations, so I will have to pay close attention to my cutting instructions.


  1. I did this once. I got impatient waiting for the next block to come in the mail. But, it was the only way I could get the pattern. Finally I asked the shop if they could just kit up all the months and send them to me in one box. They were really friendly and acted like it was no big deal. It does get frustrating when you make a mistake. You did a good job though, I can't see any problem in your block.

  2. There is so much to like about these blocks. They look so well pieced and the fabric is very interesting. I think this is going to make a beautiful quilt. It makes me want to work on my piecing skills which are bad! Happy Stitching to you!

  3. Oh Ann, I love it so much that I want one too. I can't stop studying it! Love your fabric!

  4. Very fun new project. A few years back I did a mystery quilt along where they sent me the fabric along with each clue. It was close on having enough fabric to finish all the blocks. I'm with you, I'd rather have the pattern and pick out the fabric that goes with it.

  5. The blocks are turning out beautifully. I would also prefer to have the fabrics to cut myself, but I can't see any problems with your block. It is going to be a great quilt.

  6. I'm with you on the issue of BOMs! For me, I can get into the groove and want to keep going instead of waiting for the next month's supplies to arrive. Or I get frustrated with a month's block and get woefully behind when I stash the whole project away. Ha! Good luck with 40 Shades of Grey!

  7. Your blocks are beautiful, have fun with it


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