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Thursday, April 4, 2019

Another Princess and 4 NYBs...

Mulan is pieced.  I am loving the pink behind these princesses!

I also made 4 NYB blocks this week.  I am shooting for two more before Sunday.  I am at the phase now where I am mixing rings from different blocks together to form new blocks.  I really don't want to duplicate any patterns if possible.

I hope to be posting more braids from our Journey to Arizona  trek later in the week as well.

I am linking up today with:

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  1. Wow, Mulan is lovely on the pink! Love your blocks!

  2. Mulan is amazing. Anxious to see where this project is going

  3. Each Disney princess block is more beautiful than the previous one. Wonderful! And your NYB, man you know I love those. Each one is unique and so gorgeous.

  4. Beautiful Mulan! I was just in Japan for cherry blossoms - maybe she needs one in her hair?

  5. Mulan is my favorite Disney princess. Our whole family probably still has that movie completely memorized. Good memories.

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