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Friday, February 15, 2019

Mid Feb Create Your Own BOM Check In

Welcome to the "Create Your Own BOM" mid month check in.  Have you been making progress on your own personal Block of the Month?  I have, but it has been slower for February.  This week has been a total bust with work and evening activities.  

Last night was our annual Search and Rescue dinner.  The food was good and so was the company.  We live in one of the largest counties in our state, but the population is low.  A few good men/women in our small communities work so hard to help others in an area where a lot of people like to recreate.  Our county is often the highest incident rate in the state with so few people to assist.  These volunteer men and women on the Search and Rescue team truly save lives while giving countless volunteer hours to training as well as rescue missions.  Their training sessions consist of:  repelling, climbing, wilderness survival, avalanche, emergency medical responding, helicopter ground safety and rescue, and many other things.  Just this last year they had incidents with people getting lost, ledged off cliffs, cliff falls, river rescues, avalanche recovery, repelers hanging from tangled ropes for many hours, and more than one incident where an individual got physically stuck in a slot canyon that took hours and hours to get them out.  These volunteers drop everything, including their jobs sometimes, to go help.  They often travel for a few hours to even arrive at the scene.  My husband has been a part of this team for several years now, and as a wife, you worry about their safety while they are gone.  These volunteers are a part of this team because of their love of the outdoors.  The team is made up of people with a variety of skills and resources including horseman, motorcyclists, snowmobiles, river rafting, ATVs, and more.  My husband is useful in his knowledge of the desert and mountain areas of our county.

When this post releases, I'll be off hiking away.  We've been getting more snow this week which will slow us down, so wish us luck.  

Because of my busy week, I don't have any new photos to add today.  I would love to see yours though.  My daughter has been moving along with her Ariel and Jasmine, so I thought I would show her progress.  All she needs is to finish pieces with background fabric.  She finally made it to the fabric store to choose her background.

Below is the grey background she has chosen as well as some yellow for hair on the blond princesses.

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  1. Your daughter is doing really well with her blocks. Once she gets adding the background they won't take long to finish.
    All the search and rescue teams need congratulating and as much support as they can get. Good on them.
    Enjoy your hike.

  2. It's impressive what the search and rescue teams do. High stakes, high risks. Thanks to your husband for volunteering on that front and for you being supportive. Hope you hiking was fun and not too cold. Looking forward to seeing what you've got going.

  3. I hadn't thought about the fact that remote, less populous state would mean it would be harder to find workers to do this kind of treacherous work. Kudos to your husband for helping them! I hope you enjoy your hike!

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