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Friday, February 1, 2019

February One Monthly Goal is #10!

My February One Monthly Goal will be my #7 in Patchwork Times UFO list.  It is to complete two tops and plan their borders on a couple of old UFO quilts.

I am calling these quilts my "Memory Round Robins" because I made them each as a memory to every round robin I participated in within that year.  The black one was made the first year.  Basically, if I made a block for someone else's quilt that year I also made the same block for myself out of the black and bright fabrics.  That is why I have random blocks such as a snowman and a school bus.  It is fun to see the blocks and remember who I made them for.

The blue basket and flower/stars applique' blocks were made in a state applique' round robin I did.  Other blocks were made for local friends and family in a round robin we organized together.  The basket block was for a local friend.  The snowman (Linda), pink and blue star (Karen), Double Wedding Ring (Deb), Fisherman Fred and Sun Bonnet Sue (Marie), orange flowers at the bottom (my sister Tracy), School Bus (my sister Becky).  

A couple of blocks represent quilts I made for myself that year such as:  monster (I made a monster quilt for my son), the apples were in a little wall hanging I made, and the pink daisy was for my Lacy Daisy quilt also made that year.   The memories are great!

The green and orange one was made the second year.  The center was actually not a round robin block but a quilt class I took at Ruby's Inn by Bryce Canyon National Park.  Oh that weekend was filled with good good times and friends and quilters.

Other blocks are a little harder to remember who I made them for.  I know I participated in a couple of state round robins for some of it while others I do recall making for local friends and family.  The orange flower block at the top was for my mom.  The little ones next to it were made for Marie.  The big yellow flower above Sun Bonnet Sue was for Karen.  I think I did the frog for Penny and the train for Mariella.  The pineapple log cabin was for Theresa.

Well, it will be fun to see how these two quilts come together this month.  Perhaps I will put them on my "to be quilted list" next year.

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  1. I KNOW that you will do an incredible job making them into something fun and creative.

  2. You have some lovely blocks / quilts happening. Those two quilts you hope to finish will come together beautifully. Good luck getting them done. I know you will.

  3. Lots of fun blocks! Do you have a rough map for how you are going to set these all together? That's always my stall point is getting the setting figured out.

  4. Great collection of blocks. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.

  5. Two quilt tops for your goal. That's ambitious! You are a the spot where I always get stuck - trying to lay out my orphan blocks to make them into a quilt top. Have fun creating!


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