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Sunday, January 6, 2019

15 min to stitch report and other things too

Kate blogs at Life in Pieces hosts a challenge to sew 15 minutes every day.  I participated last year and plan to continue this year.  I find that those 15 minutes always turn into much longer which helps me get my projects done.  It isn't just about getting things done though; quilting is my therapy.

I don't sew on Sundays so I won't get higher than 86% for the year.  I try to make the Sabbath special or different from other days. I attend church, relax, write down my weekly goals, and visit with family.  I don't shop on Sundays either.  I have noticed that my week goes so much better if I keep the Sabbath Day Holy.  I feel that is God's blessing to me for setting aside one day a week for Him.

Here is my 15 minutes to stitch report starting Jan 1st:

15 minutes sewing days/week = 5/5 days
15 minutes sewing days/Jan = 5/5 days
15 minutes sewing days in 2019 = 5/5
Success rate = 100%

I am hosting a Create your Own BOM challenge this year.  You can join anytime, but a linky is open until the 15th.  You can read about it at the link.  The following photos are 5 out of 7 of the Blocks of the Month I am working on.  I break my monthly goals down into daily chunks.

Here are the fruits of my labor from last week's sewing:

I made a center star for my 2nd Feathered Goose block.

Ariel is coming to life one section at a time.

I made progress on my Gingerbread House embroidery.  You can see I've done the grey areas and have come pretty far on the snow.

I finished a second NYB block, but I am going to pick the last section out and piece in an extra ring.  I don't like that the two different patterns have different diameters.  I want the outside edge of the circle to match.

My friend and I made progress on our Barnyard quilt.  We made the goats as far as we could.  One goat sits atop a cow and has a sheep on its back.  Figuring out which legs go where will be easier once the three animals are mostly pieced.

The goat below is kind of sad looking because I have the wrong legs and background laying under her.  I will get it right when I sew it together.

Here is my friend's goat.  Her poor goat is missing a leg.  If we don't find it we will have to cut another one.

We also started on our dogs.  My friend sewed a variety of smaller sections together.

I sewed the entire head section together first.  My photo looks strange because the head is sewn together and the body is not.  The bottom half is still wrapped in Press N Seal to keep the pieces in order.  I also wanted to mention that I am doing two different quilts from this pattern, hence the two different styles of fabric.

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  1. Oh my, so many beautiful projects! The New York beauties are so impressive. I wonder that since your goal isn't to sew on Sundays, maybe you shouldn't count Sundays, so say you sewed every day but Sunday, you would have 6 out of 6 days, so 100%. You met 100% of your goal. It would keep the math simpler and be easier to see if you were on track.

  2. Even without Sunday stitching, you accomplish so much. Your NY Beauty blocks are so nice. I think you will enjoy the different measurements when you put them together.

    The dogs and goats are super cute.

  3. You have some very fun (and complex) projects in the works for 2019. It will be fun to watch those come together. Thank you for playing along with the 15 minutes to stitch last year. I look forward to cheering you along this year.

    Since you have made a conscious decision not to sew on Sundays, you could change the way you calculate your "success rate" to just eliminate that day. There are no rules for the challenge. If you decide there are only 6 days a week available to stitch, use that as your base for the calculations. The goal of the challenge is to keep up the motivation to stitch when sometimes it is easier not too. So do what works for you on that front.

  4. You have so many fun projects in the works. I especially love the feathered geese blocks. The fabrics you used have such a great vintage vibe to them. : )

  5. So many lovely projects! Thanks for sharing them on Wednesday Wait Loss. I agree; I would only count 6 days when computing your completion rate because you are only going to sew for six days a week. That way you'll see how you actually do. Good luck!

  6. I would definitely say that your 15 minutes has lead to some serious productivity! I think taking Sundays off is a beautiful thing. It's nice to step back and focus on the other things in our lives that are actually more important and feeds our soul as well.


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