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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Midyear Review and a link up!

Hello Blogland!  Yvonne at Quiltingjetgirl is hosting a mid year review linky party.  It is a great way to check on your progress thus far in 2018 and inspire us to get our quilty goals done.  Check it out!

This post will be loaded with pictures, so bear with me.  Here is a refresh of my 2018 goals with the progress report.

Every year I join an online group that draws a number for me monthly to tell me which project to work on.  For some reason I love it because I don't have to decide which one to work on.  This year I joined Patchwork Times UFO Challenge.  

I also joined the fun at What a Hoot Quilts 18 in 2018 challenge.  The list below has 15 projects to finish.  The three below completed my 18 for the other challenge.  

I further joined Quilting Gail's PHD 2018.  You have to finish half of your UFOs in 2018 with a minimum of 12 quilts.  A finish means completely finished with labels.  I don't do labels but I can still do finishes.  You ALSO HAVE TO finish every new start this year.  Yikes!  

Sliced Quilt.  My goal was to have a finished top.

I planned to turn the circle into a square by appliqueing the circle onto a square piece.  I also intended to paper piece a village row at the top and at the bottom.

This quilt was a sliced quilt challenge I did with friends many years ago.  I made the slice with the boy on the sled and the bottom half of the far right (bottom of the houses and down). 

Progress Report:  
This quilt will be a Flimsy today!  I spent the entire past 5 months slowly making those houses.  I didn't love making them but I love the results.  Originally I planned to put houses on the top and bottom only, but I really didn't like it that way.

Now I only need to add the fabric in the four corners and it will be ready for quilting.  I am so pleased with it!

Diamond Hill.  Goal was to get the top done this year.

I needed to hand applique the borders.  The plan was to take two months to do this.

Progress Report:  
One month's worth is complete and that number hasn't even been drawn yet, so I am pleased to say that I am ahead.  I take hand applique' with me whenever I am in places where I can't have a machine.  It really pays off.  Basically, two corners are complete.

Quilter's Garden.  Two tops needed to be quilted.

I designed this as part of an online swap group in August of 2014.  It was so much fun and I just love it!  Now it needs quilted.  Mom asked me to quilt  hers so I plan to quilt them both the same month.

This one is mine.

This one is Mom's.

Progress Report:

There has been no progress on this one yet because this number has not yet been drawn.

Pink Hexagon and Justin's Bear Paw.  The hexagon quilt needed quilted while the Bear Paw quilt needed started.  I hoped to start and finish the whole quilt top in one month.  It is for my son who is currently serving a church mission in Germany.  He has been gone for a year and a half and will return this summer.  Perhaps I could have it done by his birthday in July.

Here is the Hexagon quilt.  It took me forever to find a back for it.  It has unusual colors.  The white is an odd grey.

As for my son's quilt, this was the status of this quilt in January.  It was just a pile of fabric. 

Progress Report:

It is quilted and bound - yay!

My son's quilt top was started and is finished to a Flimsy state.  I got over ambitious and made an identical one for myself when I made his.  Mine is not assembled and the 24 tree blocks still need to be pieced.

Winged Things and Blue Round Robin quilts - they both needed to be quilted.  
The Winged Things quilt started in 2003 as a state round robin for applique.  I didn't get enough blocks for it so I did it a second year on a non-applique robin.  Several years later I finally assembled it into a top.

The Blue Round Robin quilt is my mothers and needed quilted.  My sisters, Mom, and I made it together in a round robin, so I made 1/5th of the quilt.

Progress Report:

Both of these goals are done!

I am doing a queen size for myself like the one shown below.

Progress Report:  I have not started this one because this number has not yet been drawn.

Justin's Medallion needed the top done.  I had only just started the center in December.   

Progress Report:  

Top is done!

I have made two of these quilts, one for each of my daughters.  I wanted to show them because it is fun to see the same pattern in different colors.  This one is daughter #2's.

and Daughter 1's.  This is a photo of my husband and I dancing in front of the quilt at the wedding.  The two look similar, but this one is actually brown instead of dark grey and more green than blue.

I also quilted Mom's for her a few years ago.

The second half of this month's goal was to quilt my Mystery brights quilt.

Progress Report:


Quilt Felicity's log cabin/star Quilt.

No Progress!  This number has not been drawn yet.

Quilt Felicity's Woodsy Quilt.  

Progress Report:


Sweet Cherry Orange needs to be quilted and bound.  These blocks were mailed to me from all over the world as members of the Stash Bee.  I designed it and requested the colors.  I love it!

I  also want to piece and quilt my  Priceless red/yellow quilt.  

Progress Report:

This number was drawn for July, so I have yet to get started on it.

This country quilt was made in a family quilt-a-long.  I made it entirely from my stash which makes it even more delightful.  My goal was to quilt it complete with binding.  It is the exact same pattern as the quilt listed in #8.  Don't they look different?

I further planned to quilt and bind my Christmas Log Cabin.   I finally finished the top in 2017 and wanted it completely finished this year.

Progress Report:

They are both completely done!

The extra three projects to complete 18 in 2018 are below.

1.  Quilt & bind Grand Illusion Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt

Progress Report:


2.  Quilt & bind Block Lotto Winner Quilt

Progress Report:

None yet.

3.  Quilt & bind Dear Jane

I have only basted it thus far.

The link below shows a list of my UFO's and the month I completed them.  It also shows the ones that are not done as well as new starts for this year.


  1. You are making amazing progress so far this year! I hope you continue to have a great year and enjoy all the quilts you are working on. :)

  2. Oh my! So many gorgeous quilts! You have made amazing progress on all of them. I wish you continued success and enjoyment.

  3. Fabulous variety of projects- so many lovely quilts in one post! Best of luck and fun with your goals and I look forward to your next check in for more.

  4. I am totally blown away by all the beautiful quilts and the tops yet to be quilted. They are amazing. I don't know which ones to say I love the most. That sliced quilt is amazing. i saw the top as I came onto the blog to find this post. Thank you for visiting my quilt blog. I appreciate it.


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