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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Santa's Reindeer

I have only half of the border quilted.  So much for my fast and easy plan.  I just love how this thread looks on the back as well as the front.  I tried to order more today because I don't have enough to do the whole quilt in it.  Unfortunately it doesn't seem to come in a cone any more.  Oh well, I picked out some other threads that are similar.

I started a new quilt today.  I have been planning it for a couple of months as well as collecting fabric for it.  My friend and I are starting the sewing on it this week, so I wanted to get it cut and ready.  I have found that cutting while visiting is scary business.  

Yesterday I selected the reindeer fabic and placed it in order.

Today I got it all cut.  Here is the photo of the finished quilt.
 Here is my wonky, unsewn, no eyes reindeer.  He is going to get cuter (I promise)!
I am linking up with Weight Loss Wednesday, Needle and Thread Thursday, and midweek makers.


Anonymous said...

The quilting is looking good! Love your new reindeer project, too. So cute and different!

Jo said...

Oh yes that is cute.. Are the legs and feet loose & 3d..

Miaismine said...

Such precious quilts! I'm sure your reindeer will be precious! That Santa quilt is lovely!

Jennifer Fulton Inquiring Quilter said...

So what if it isn't fast? That quilting is great! Love it, and your new project. Man is that going to be cute! What fun that you and your friend are making it.

Preeti said...

Oh I am sure your reindeer will be a heart-stealer. He is already so cute. I was surprised that it is not a paper-pieced design.
Oh and I completely agree with you about cutting. That needs absolute concentration. Sewing can be done to music. Cutting needs silence. Hope your new year is happy and full of creativity.

Val's Quilting Studio said...

Cute cute pattern!!!Have fun with that one.

Susan said...

I'm sure you'll make that reindeer cute as can be! Thank you for sharing on Midweek Makers