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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Marking a quilt

To be honest, I don't mark quilts.  I don't like worrying that the marks will come out.  I was so happy to discover heat disappearing pens and am using them to mark Felicity's Bear Moose quilt.  Her quilt just has so much open space, and I had these wonderful continuous line machine quilting patterns that are perfect for it.

The marking is slow and uncomfortable.  I do it sitting on the floor because I have pressed the king sized top and don't want to wrinkle it.  I only have one side of the outside border done and am anxioius to get going on the quilting instead of the marking.

I also wanted to show a photo of a hand project I have my eye on.  It is by Crab Apple Hill, and I can hardly wait to gather up white fabric for it.  It involves Crayons and an iron to give it the wonderful colored look.

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  1. Wow, that is an intricate quilting design! It will be lovely when you finish.

  2. Little by little, you'll get it done. What a beautiful quilt! Of course you know I'm a big fan of those animals....

  3. Stumbled on you blog today... if you are thinking of using the Frixion Pen, do a bit more research on them... a great blog on it here:, another one here:, one more:, and the last one:

    I use the blue washout and purple air erase markers and have for many years without any issues. I will say that the blue is much more difficult to get out than it was 30 years ago... but that is 'progress'. I also use the Ultimate Quilt Chalk (Iron Off).

    Good Luck!

  4. Beautiful quilting designs, I love them! But for sure it might be easier to mark them! The quilt sketch looks very interesting, what a beautiful idea for Christmas!

  5. ooooo!! Deana, that village tree is really wonderful!

  6. That is some seriously detailed quilting you have planned there! I would not be attempting that with or without marking! :)

  7. Are you quilting with a little machine? I rarely marked anything when I had a longarm, but I can see it would be handy on FMQ. It's going to be great with those borders!

  8. I might have been better off not knowing about the Crab Apple Hill pattern. I love their patterns. Lots of other great projects shown to. I look forward to seeing them finished.

  9. That is going to be so beautiful and what a lot of quilting!

  10. Did you trace all your quilting designs on... I do like the frixion pens and haven't had a problem except for drawing on plain dark fabrics.. sometimes a little pale line was left. It wasn't noticeable after quilting though... I don't think I would use them on a hand heirloom quilt. BUT I make my quilts to use now not hide away for a hundred years..

  11. Hi Deana,
    WOW - that is just fabulous how you are marking the edge of the quilt. I saw the more recent updates of how far you are coming along, but seeing how the border started is beyond cool. I also love the handword/crayon project. I have one to complete (I forgot about it, actually) with a Halloween theme. I don't even LIKE Halloween but fell in love with the witches and the artistic value of the piece. I will love to see more on this project. ~smile~ Roseanne


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