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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Barns for school kids

I got the crazy barns cut out and shuffled.  I begin teaching a four week class on quilt piecing in one week.  I have pondered much on how to go about teaching this.  I want them to learn how to chain sew but I am only giving each group 3 blocks at a time.  I am afraid they might accidentally shuffle the pieces or not get them back in order if they have too many.  I plan to start with basic sewing such as threading the machine, rotary cutter safety, and how to not "push" the fabric through the machine while keeping both edges right together.

These barns have stars at the top.  They are small pieces so I am going to sew them for my class.  My girls made these same stars at a young age and found them to be a little difficult.

There are 14 barn blocks, and we are also going to make pine trees to go between the barns.

Here they are.  There are more barns stacked beneath these five.

 Here is the one from the pattern.  Remember, I have not yet cut the stars.  I am going to cut them as a demonstration to the students.

Here is the book I bought with the pattern in it.  I CAN'T WAIT TO MAKE  the one with all the cows, barns, sheep, and goats in it.
I am linking up today with Bambi's Show and Tell Monday.


Chris said...

I used to teach 4-H and girls club in years past. One of the first activities I did was to teach the parts of the sewing machine by making labels and challenging the kids to find the correct part on the machine. I still have the sticker stuck to the foot petal of one of my machines.
Lots of luck with your project.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

These are such cute patterns!

Marie said...

Your students are so lucky to have you as a teacher, and what a fun project. They will love it. Actually I think that pattern book has a DOD quilt retreat written all over it. Wouldn't that be fun! You make the greatest quilts--and so much variety.

Jo said...

That will keep the students busy. Good luck