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Friday, March 3, 2017

Deana: Baby Blankets

Well, I have spent a lot of time this past week making baby blankets.  They are small and thin for swaddling.  They don't have batting in them.  I have enjoyed these small projects so much that I can hardly stop.  I began to realize just how many young women I know who are getting new babies and wanting to make them all a blanket.  

These are for my girls who will get their babies in June and July.  Here are the boy ones:

Here are some of them idividually photographed:

My daughter and her husband live on a cattle ranch with lots of cattle dogs.  I think their little cowboy will love the dogs on this one.

I made burp cloths out of the leftovers.

I am making an applique' cowboy quilt to go with this one.  I hope to get started on it next week.  I photographed the fabric for it below.

Here are the girl ones:

 I love seeing them all stacked together!

I got this fund raiser quilt on the frames and ready to baste.  The fundraiser is in April.  As mentioned before, I am just the quilter; I didn't make this quilt.

I was also able to get the applique' lines drawn on this piece for the next block in "Diamond Hill".  The first block is listed below.  It still needs half of the red and all of the green hand stitched down.

I also have two baby blankets prepared to go to the quilt shop where they will put a stitch in it that makes holes for crochet.  I plan to crochet an edge around these when they have them ready for me.  I love the scollaps on this one!

I made burp pads out of the leftover fabrics.  The quilt shop will cut them into a pretty shape and make holes for crochet.
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Lynette said...

Fun post! New babies are always smile-making. :)

Afton Warrick said...

Your Diamond Hill is so pretty. I love your fabric and color choices.

Jo said...

Lots of great work there. I have recently seen crochet edges put on quilts. They have a row of blanket stitch around them at 1cm or 1/2 inch intervals. Stitched with perle thread. Then you can just start your crochet into the loops.

Marly said...

Lovely presents for the newly-born. Reading Jo's comment reminded me this was how my mother-in-law made wraps for babies from a 24" square of white flannel with a crocheted scalloped edge.

Granny Maud's Girl said...

If you want to add crochet to a quilt, just chain stitch (like the embroidery lazy daisy we learned when we first learned embroidery) around the edge of the finished binding. The loops of the chain stitch neatly give you a something to crochet into. You can also sew a buttonhole stitch around, but I like the chain stitch method.

Erin@MakeitSew said...

Great baby gifts, they will love all of the colors.