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Friday, January 1, 2016

Deana's quilty year in review...

Good-bye 2016!

Goodbye to Dearest Grandpa Winkler and loving father-in-law Doug.  Good-bye to Heather Jacobson and her young son Broc.  Yes, they are all on the other side of the veil now and are missed.

Good-bye...not really good-bye... to two wonderful daughters who got married, but hello to two new son-in-laws.  Along with the weddings, good-bye savings (ha ha, it was worth it).

Good-bye to my old Adult Ed job and hello full-time junior high teacher.  Hello math.

Isn't it amazing what changes can take place in a year?

Here is my quilty year in review:

I love keeping track of my progress monthly and annually.  For some reason it keeps me moving forward and getting things done. 

My goal was to finish a top a month and quilt and bind a quilt a month. Here is a look at 2015.

Finishes for me:
1.  Jan "Autumn Flowers"
2.  Feb "Jessi's Medallion"
3.  Mar "Birdhouse Picket Fence"
4.  June "Dana's Hexagon Pleasure"
5.  July "Shimmer Braid"
6.  July "Dorinda"
7.  Oct "Stars and Barns"
8.  Nov "Jolynn's Medallion"
9.  Dec "Deb's 30s Chain"

Quilting for others:
1.  July "Mom's Black N Gold"

UFO Tops done for me:
1.  Jan "Grand Illusion"
2.  Feb "Storm at Sea" family round robin
3.  Feb "Shimmer Braid"
4.  Mar "Quilter's Garden"
5.  Apr "Snowman Embroidery"
6.  July "Flowering Snowball"
7.  Oct "Stars and Barns"
8.  Oct "Brielle's Braid"
9.  Oct "Jolynn's Medallion"

Progress on other projects:

#1.  26 Stashbee Blocks

#2.  11 Block Lotto Blocks - I won 48 blocks in November as shown on my design wall!

#3.  6 Dear Jane Blocks

#4.  Family Round Robin Quilts:  I did 1/6th of the work in each of these quilts.

5.  Table cloths and hay covers for daughter's wedding

Patterns written:

1.  Quilter's Garden
2.  Americana Row Quilt
3.  Spring Row Quilt
4.  Shimmer Braid

Quilts Designed but patterns not written:

1.  Bear in the Woods
2.  Scottish Dancers

I think I am very tired from looking at all that work!

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  1. You definitely can get a whoop whoop. WOW AMAZING.
    Your work is just stunning. Your quilting is amazing. It has been a hard year but you have made it to the next. Hope it is healthier and happier... I'll be following what you do

  2. WOW I hope I can get done part of what you did!!! Sorry for your losses and happy for your gains.

  3. That is one really huge list of accomplishments for last year. Congrats on all of it.

  4. Life is such a mix... so sad and wonderful all rolled up into one.
    Quilting wise, you had an amazing year Deana... so many beautiful quilts! I hope 2016 only brings happiness!

  5. Heather is my cousin's granddaughter. Are you related? I'm in Salt Lake.

  6. I'm amazed at your prolific work, and you work full time? When do carve out time to do so much? Stunning designs, and beautiful palettes you chose. I enjoyed how you collaged your pictures today.

    Summing up our year can be tough. The losses, the gains, and the ground we seemed to just travel without going anywhere. I know it's hard for many people to do it, and some say they just want to get past and forget. I think it's very theraputic, and provides many of us with closure.

    I send good thoughts your way, and wishes for an excellent New Year.


  7. May 2016 be muc better for both of us. You lost too many family and friends.
    In among all the ups and downs, you had an amazingly productive sewing year. I sewed and cared for ill relatives, but I didn't get much paid work done this year. You are superwoman!


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