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Monday, September 7, 2015

Deana: Back in the sewing room.

I finally found some breathing room to get into the sewing room.  Carla's blocks are done at last!  I appreciate Carla for being so sweet about my tardiness.  I had three difficult funerals in August and just found out about a 4th death today: first my Grandpa, then a tragic accident that took a young mother and her son, and now a suicide.  Some people around me are really going through some trials, and all I can do is mourn with them.

I also have fabric pulled for the Jane's September Quilt.  I love the stashbee!

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  1. Oh no... You have been through so much. I don't know how you manage to get on here.
    I know how hard it all is for you and I only had 2 in a week. I can't believe you got to do some sewing. Keep strong sweetie. Know that there is a large group out here that are thinking of you and know that you can vent anytime. We will listen.
    Take care of you and you health.........

  2. Prayers to your family and friends at such a time.

  3. My dear friend! So much going on. I'll keep the prayers coming. I love the pinwheel quilt. So sweet.


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