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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Deana: July Goals

Well, I have taken two months off and am ready to set some goals again.  Here they are for July:

1.  Piece my new QAL.  Two ladies suggested names for it and I love them both and can't decide.  Should I call it "Twirlific" or "Scottish Dancers".  IF I get the fabric early enough then I want the top done in July.

This FREE QAL will begin the end of July or August depending on when the fabric arrives.   You will be able to get the free tutorials on Fort Worth Fabric Studio's blog.

2.  Quilt Mom's Gold and Yellow Medallion.  The outline quilting is done so now it is time for all the fun filler stuff.

3.  Make a Stashbee block.

4.  Participate in the Block Lotto.  This month it is 9" blocks of house pets.  I have some fun dog patterns that I want to make up.

5.  Get the outline quilting done on my Shimmer Braid Quilt.

6.  Sew up a sample for my family round robin.  I can't show it to you, but I will say that it is a little like a New York Beauty.

7.  Blanket Stitch around Mom's horse and do all the silhouettes.Mom does not like to do machine blanket stitch.  She also does not like unfinished projects.  My Dorinda Quilt is not quite hand quilted.  She is finishing up the hand quilting for me while I do the blanket stitch on the horse quilt for her.

8.  Plan, purchase fabric for, and cut out Brielle's Braid.

9.  Do a row in my July family round robin. This one is also a secret.

10.  Create the next Americana row pattern for August.

11.  Create the next Spring row patter for August.

12.  Finish my Flowering Snowball Quilt top complete with borders.

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  1. I can see both names working, but I like the Scottish Dancers for a name. Really gorgeous pattern.

  2. Wow, that is a lot of goals for one month, but if anyone can do it, you can. Your mom's quilts are amazing, as are yours. You are an inspiration to me.

  3. Well you sure are goal setting! The quilts here are just stunning and you have so much more in the works, what a productive year its going to be for you!

  4. Ambitious list -- good luck!!

  5. That is a long list of goals, girl. Good luck!!!
    I like Scottish Dancers. I can almost hear the bagpipes playing and the dancers twirling when I look at it!!! LOVE LOVE It


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