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Monday, June 8, 2015

The wedding...

I wanted to show just a few wedding photos because some have inquired about them.

My daughter and her husband were married in the beautiful Manti Temple.  We believe that marriage is for eternity if the couple is sealed in the temple of the Lord.  Their future children will also be sealed to them forever.

It has rained for a month and by some miracle it did not rain a single drop on their wedding day.

The wedding (we call it a sealing) was followed by a wonderful luncheon at a dance hall and then a reception in the evening held in the groom's parents' yard.  

Here is a photo of my family:  my son, daughter #1, new son, daughter #2, me, and my husband.

Her quilts were displayed at the reception:

There was line dancing, western swing dancing, and slow dancing...

a live bluegrass band...

and homemade root beer; we don't drink alcohol.

and dutch oven cobbler in a variety of flavors.

My good looking husband of 24 years and our daughters...

Newlyweds swinging...


  1. How beautiful. What a lovely day. So many great ideas and photos..
    Love the quilt with the strippy flowers on it.

  2. That is you? You look far too young and pretty to be mother of the bride!

  3. What a lovely wedding. Your husband is sure tall! Your daughters look like you. What a beautiful setting for a wedding.

  4. What a beautiful couple, family, day and event. Congratulations to all. Love the quilts!

  5. I loved seeing all your quilts used at the wedding! Congrats to the newlyweds and what a beautiful, fun wedding they had. THanks for sharing it with us!!

  6. You've been married 24 years Deana? Wow, your husband barely looks 30! (Neither do you for that matter!)
    thank you for sharing such gorgeous pics from this joyous day - if only more weddings focussed on the actual couple & their families, rather than the expense & glitz.
    Precious family times right there x

  7. Your family and wedding were beautiful and that still cracks me up! Fun times!

  8. Picture Perfect Deana! What a beautiful and loving time that was! Love that you all served homemade root beer and cobbler. The temple is amazing. You and your family are very blessed, though I am sure you already know that.


  9. PS - forgot to say that the quilts are a wonderful and gorgeous touch for the reception!

  10. Yay for miracle sunshine for weddings! This looks like such a fun day - brings back nice memories, too. Scott and I were married in Manti - isn't that the most beautiful setting? I love every single one of her quilts.


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